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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Transition Mode: ON.

I'm not a fan of the phenomenon of change, as you might know if you've been reading what I've been blabbering since I started this blog. I know it's important and all, for all that diversity and learning through change and that cliched, 'change is the only constant' thing, but still. I'm all for gradual change, it's sometimes perfect and magical, like the way I find myself getting mature and err.... a better, calmer person? Something like that. However, I get all anxious and feel like I'm on a completely different plane when the change is sudden. Sometimes it's pleasant, other times it's not. In both cases, I feel uncomfortable, slightly less when it's something good, but the feeling's there nevertheless.

This change thingy seems to have suddenly found my life the most interesting, out of the billions of people on the planet, it seems. Alright, that's hugely exaggerated, but you get the picture, right? One thing after another and right now, it's so different that it's hard to believe I actually had a vacation. No more sleeping in, roaming around in PJs, reading whenever I felt like it, watching random flicks and shifting channels restlessly, no more going out to the park for a walk (aiming to be 'fit'), no more time-on-my-hands for blogging, even! Which is something that sucks the most for me, right now. I mean, I need it so bad! College's started once again and there are so many new things it's hard to handle. Although, so far how I've managed and behaved, I deserve a pat on the back!

1. I'm in second year! Which is like, the final year for us poor souls dragged into this MBA thingy, and now there are around 40 new people! Which is quite a lot, especially for someone like me, who takes a lot of time to adjust and talk easily. But it's okay. I had this new zest for 'being myself' which has been working so far. I have my doubts, as it was the orientation week and everyone was having fun and the real thing starts tomorrow, but still I hope the new me would hold on for longer. I don't want to care what people think about me, I don't want to be too attached or emotional with anyone, rather friendly and open, which by the way, I find really hard in this place. No, I didn't find anyone new too, with whom I could have that comfortable 'connectedness'. I remember writing a post titled, 'Thought Mismatch' in the beginning of my first year, describing how I feel like I don't belong here and it's still there. *sigh* God knows when I'll find my true place. Till then, I need to hold on and focus on:
- What is important to me
- Ensuring all the over practical people don't get to me
- Ensuring I don't become a carpet being walked on, like last year
- Smiling. A lot. It helps. :D (And it makes me look far better than I actually am :P )

2. New campus! Our University is essentially located in Old Delhi and our course was in West Delhi, but not anymore! It's shifted to its mother campus which is a historical building with that old Delhi feeling. The only thing I like about it. Actually, I think I'll enjoy this new campus once the other course kids start pouring in from August. I don't know. I like the ambience, even though it's marred by the presence of dogs-that-chase-you and families of monkeys in banyan trees and on tops of the roofs, so that when you have to reach your classroom you've got to keep praying you don't get attacked. And those guys even have green-apple ice cream from the ice cream vendor in the campus. Every afternoon post lunch. o.O Still, discovering a half buried skeleton (preserved with P.O.P.), a 300 year old library-sans the books- and having Old Delhi right outside the gates is not so bad.

3. Dance moves!! I've never danced. I am too much of a klutz for something as graceful as dance. I look like a pathetic zombie when I attempt dancing and just the mention of dancing even in the classroom, with my classmates, on stupid songs where you just have to move your hands and nod your head, gave me the heebie-jeebies! Will you believe it? I danced yesterday, in front of the whole MBA school, juniors and teachers included. Not solo, obviously, but in a group of 5. I don't know what came over me. It was compulsory for all to perform something and considering I suck even more at singing, I thought I'd stay inconspicuous in a group dance. But well.............. I had a lot of fun! While practicing and more so while performing. Some friends were amazed at the change too! :D Although, it doesn't mean I'm going to be available for this thing every time, okay?

4. Reading! We have Saturdays working too and during the past week, I haven't read a word, which is scary considering the piles of books I've got pending for reviews. I hate not reading. I know it might sound pesky every time I mention it, but what can I do? There's little else I like to do.

5. Ensuring fairness. The biggest reason I don't like MBA is when people believe they can 'succeed' by making their thing the best by bringing others down, which is actually a loser's way of doing things. Sadly, that doesn't matter because this is not the time for honesty. It's a virtue which isn't in use these days. Even then, I think it defines a character and absolutely makes you trustworthy, which I think is very important that people see you as. I don't know if I could live with the fact that people don't trust me! At the same time, you don't have to become someone people take for granted. There's all kind of rubbish business that happens and you've got to learn how to make sure you're not a victim, by being polite. It's really hard to manage, but I'll be doing my best. I'm done with doing all the free work and no one even knows whose hands it passed on from!

6. A new day! :D My brother G, who's outside Delhi for studies, gave us a surprise today by coming home!!! Although, I didn't appreciate being woken up all groggy and full of sleep (and I got up at the sound of mom's incredible laughter) at 8.30 a.m on the only day of the week when I wasn't sleeping for just 4 hours. But it's okay, as later both of us had a deep rest for hours! :P Thank you G, you really made us all super happy. Just that right now, sitting beside me pestering me for the laptop is irritating. But whatever, I missed this too. :P

7. No more GFC!! Dear blog followers, Google reader is shutting down from tomorrow, which means that this 'Follow Me' button on the right, where most of you have signed up, would not be of any use. It's so sad! I mean, I don't want to lose all you guys! Who will even read my blog posts? Please please if you're a blogger, follow me on Bloglovin', which is a platform for following blogs, or put me in your feed reader, or subscribe via email. I'm telling you, I'll bring in a troll to hit you if you don't!
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Also, for bloggers, Bloglovin has this amazing feature where you can 'import' all the blogs you follow with just a click of a button, and hence you don't lose out on any blog! I'd hugely recommend that. It's a nice platform! Not a very nice change, but we can't help it! 


  1. Aaah the dreaded change! But it looks like you are doing pretty well for yourself girl. Just one more year and you are done with MBA. Yes, it sure leaves you busy and breathless. GFC is going tata bye bye, and that sucks big time. Looks like we are all pouting :(
    But hey, we might all be a happy family in the happy land of Bloglovin'.See you on the other side!

    1. Thanks Anisha! I guess like every change, we'll get used to this too. :)

      I'm actually getting this feeling that I'll be enjoying relatively more over here. It's going good so far! :)


  3. You danced? Wow! :D What a sight it must have been! :P
    Yeah..we are seeing less posts from your side. :( Do something about that, nahi toh hum jaison ka kya hoga :P

    That no GFC news is heartbreaking! :O Logon ko khush nahi dekh sakti ye duniya! :/

    1. I have the video as proof and I've looked at it so many times :P

      Thanks for saying you missed me! I was wondering if anyone did o.O :P

      And yeah! I don't know how to manage without GFC. :/ We'll get used to it, I suppose!

  4. I know change drags you, and leaves you whining, but somehow I like change. I like how it amuses me, disgusts me, irritates me, annoys me, and sometimes pleasantly surprises me. Isn't life too short to be lived in status quo? ;)

    So your 2nd year of MBA starts! Time flies. really. All the best for all the new "changes" that are awaiting you. I hope you enjoy them :)

    PS: Yes Keep smiling, It keeps all the unwanted elements away ;)

    1. Ah, I like your optimism. ;) I feel too hung up on a comfortable state to like any kind of change, although I was looking forward to this new campus because I thought it would be better, with all the 'collegy' feel, which the Dwarka one lacked. It's good so far. :D

      Thanks for your wishes and for this lovely comment. ^_^

  5. Hey, change seems to be more on the green side than red this time. I hope it brings you much laughter and happiness in the second year, with the new campus and new experiences. Like dancing, I am sure you're going to do some interesting stuff throughout the year. ;)
    Wish you good luck with all that you've put your mind to :)

    This is absolute bullying on google's part to force people to use G+. They haven't any right to do that. I might use Bloglovin or any other service, but I am not shifting to G+ if that's what it is all about. :X I hope you are listening Larry :@

    1. Aww thanks for all those wishes. :D Sure, it's way better than previous year so far. Yes, I'm liking new faces, not because I feel like being chums with them, but.... I don't know, it just makes me feel good. :)

      Yeah I know! G+ is compulsory :O I had actually deleted my G+ account a million years ago but I had to make a new one again :/ And listen you, subscribe if you're not joining bloglovin' :P I know I can bully you into it ;)


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