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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back with a smile :) And crazy stuff :P

Statutory warning: It's a *very* long post! 

Once there was a girl recently turned 21 who was essentially a ‘dreamer’ personality, meaning she thought more from her heart than from her brains. So no wonder she was is one big drama queen who sometimes always acts on impulse! Like she did a few days ago by posting that she’s so sick of her hectic such-a-wella-MBA college life that she’d be stopping posting on her much beloved blog for a while. Okay, no need to snicker and give me that ‘I-told-you’ look. I know, I know. I can’t stay away, even at the risk of coming across as a hypocrite who doesn’t even stick to her own promises!

Anyway, now that I’m back (and you guessed it right. I have a ton of work for tomorrow. For those new comers here, I mostly blog when I have loads of work, so much that I decide to leave it all and write first ^_^), I’d begin with how awesome (well, almost) my day yesterday was! :D

The not-so-awesome thing in the morning was our Spanish test. I thought I knew it well and that I’d be able to do it okay, but ha! As usual I was surprised when I couldn’t recall even the basic-est things in the actual test. :| And it’s not that the oral test went good too. Honestly, I was disappointed. Our day was scheduled to end at 2.30 and I had decided that I really need a break, so I planned a visit to my two libraries at Barakhamba Road (M.G. Marg, to be precise). I mean, a trip like this could totally make me happy, I knew it and I was feeling quite rebellious. You know, the kind of a thought that says, ‘I will not leave anything I like for these sadists!’ (Ya ya, quite dramatic)

The issue was, Mom doesn’t want me to go alone, ever (even though I have been there alone a couple of times, telling her only afterwards among the pattering of emotional dialogues) and my usual friend who accompanies me to the library was busy, so I was kind of looking for someone. I had a vague thought, which then turned into a seemingly good, though slightly impossible idea. I asked dad to ask my brother to please accompany me for the day. Now, it’s not that he’s not helpful, but he’s so not a reader, like, not at all. I’ve tried a lot of stuff, but it’s no use. Anyway, I gave him some pointers, emotional blackmail stuff, to communicate to G (let’s call him G, his first name’s inital letter) while I was struggling with basic espanol in college. He called in between and I did some more emotional talking and he agreed! Obviously, I was “too” happy already. Our first brother-sister hangout! He’s such a foodie, I actually had to tempt him with food I’d take him to eat. :P

So I met G at our metro station and we got in a train bound for wherever (our station comes in between, so who cares where it’s bound for, right? ;) ). While we were chit-chatting, rolling eyes at silly talks by young guys and girls, planning where we’d be going and (obviously) what we’d be eating, the train gradually got more crowded, slowly, slowly we were almost stuck with people from all sides and were stuck at the back. Now, our destination is a station after the horrendous, one hell of a station, Rajiv Chowk, where if you go and see from the top of the stairs, you’d get an idea of Dilli’s overflowing abaadi. G was nervous about the prospect of trying to get down through that one huge mass of what resembled human beings stuck with glue. I assured him saying that a lot of people will get down at Rajiv Chowk and hence we’d have some more breathing and moving space. Yeah, right.

This is what I mean by the abaadi thing ;)
Even though G was sure we’d still be stuck as, he reasoned, people will board the train as well, I was more optimistic. I thought we’d move towards the gate when the crowd gets down and stay there. Easier said than done. There was a couple tight next to us, having a similar discussion. Now, as the train rolled in and we saw the crowd, we were just rooted to our places from shock. It was tremendous. G was tugging but I was stuck. I didn’t want to leave the safety of my spot and face the incoming mass of frenzied Delhites! So the end result was that we were even more farther back, totally stuck to the back doors, with even more people now gelling into each other, so that no one was quite standing straight, but bent at different angles just to keep standing. I took a deep breath. I’ve faced worse, I reminded myself. I caught a snatch of conversation from the couple where the girl was asking the guy to start moving forwards. I whispered to G that we’d just follow this couple as they made their way through. Should be easy for us, right? But the train started moving and they were still deciding.

I asked G to start moving. And that was when I heard the girl suggesting the guy that they’d follow us. Smart move, girl. That was my idea! Now, G said a lot of “Excuse me”s (which isn’t much use, by the way. It just gets people to shift their butts a bit to wherever they find easy) and thanks to him being so much taller than me, I was able to avoid anyone else from the front. To tackle the sides, I used my elbows to make my way (obviously, you can’t expect me to just glide along with strangers. I hate unnecessary contact with anyone. And it’s not that we have very decent people here) and while trying to keep my bag to myself, regretting not shifting my ponytail to the front, we lugged through, with the clever couple following behind. We reached a bit more than halfway when G stopped. We were quite near the doors and with a bit of pushing through, we’d be able to get out when the doors opened.

They did and G struggled out, motioning wildly asking me to get out. I put one foot ahead, right shoulder making my way and raised my other foot to follow when I just felt cold air on my left foot! I had lost my left jutti! I put my foot back but all I felt was people’s feet and their useless shoes! I know I should have been frantic, but you know what I did? Stood there and started laughing. Like a total maniac. An uncontrollable laugh so that I wasn’t able to utter more than two words to the girl behind me that I’d lost my shoe! I gestured to G to get back inside!  Bewildered, looking confused with the fact that some people were just watching me bemused, G tentatively stepped back inside. I was still laughing and lunging my foot in all possible directions, as ‘looking’ was not an option. It wasn’t just possible. I heard the guy behind the girl behind me sound confused and slightly frantic owing to the fact that the girl and I, basically, wasn’t moving forward and just laughing my head off like a total idiot.

Then I heard, in between my attempts to still look for my shoe and controlling my laughter, the girl say in a voice that said, ‘Du-uh. There is a problem’, “She’s not getting down here. She lost her shoe. We’ll get down at the next station now”. Oh my, the first time I noticed how girls can actually be so understanding. Relieved that I’m not stopping any frantic passenger, I started moving my foot over other’s shoes and finally! I found mine! I took some frantic time shifting it so that it was once again, fitting me right and I saw the doors were still open, more time than usual. I asked G to get down fast and I followed (funny how people gave me space to move easily :P). As I squeezed out and started laughing again, I saw the couple behind me getting out as well and making their way upstairs. God, it was so funny! G looked amused, contrary to his usual reactions that are always something like, ‘don’t do this. You’re making me embarrassed’.

This is already a very long post. I’ll make the rest of it short :P

So, we went to the first one and I immediately went straight to Fiction, showed G the section on sports and started looking through the shelves. I picked up three books and switched on the Kindle to use Wifi (as I still don’t have it at home and my library friend told me here it was free :P) and downloaded some books. :D I came back to find G stuck with a book on sports. It was him who was finding it hard to get out. (Very happy!) Then we visited the other one, had yummy stuff in the cafe, took an auto and went to CP, to KFC, had more fun (read: food) and as we were going towards the Metro station, I saw an old man I recognized from pictures that were floating on Facebook. The man is a retired bank officer and because of some problem (don’t remember what exactly), he travels daily from Sonipat and comes selling cute little puppets in CP. I wanted to get one, I mean, you get kind of sorry. Though we shouldn’t. You should feel inspired and proud. But still, I got a puppet in pink! (What else?) Here are the pics:
   Do Eeeee.

The primary reason the day was so fulfilling was that we enjoyed together. A lot. I can only thank God for giving me reasons to feel happy when I most need them, which leads to blogging too ;)

PS- I better get back to college stuff now. If I don’t want that stress and teachers to ruin my mood tomorrow :/ Tuesdays are the worst for me, I swear. I hateee that day. Can’t divulge the details or I might get chucked out without a degree :P


  1. I normally don't read long posts, but to be honest, I was glued to this one right from the start to finish. Your narration is so smooth, like butter on bread :-) I could visualize myself in that Metro as I read your words. Thankfully you got your shoes ;-)

    That gesture of buying the puppet was really nice. True, we shouldn't feel bad, but be inspired.

    It was fun reading this. Have a great weekend and a greater Tuesday ;-)

    1. Thank you! I sure WAS grateful I got the shoe back and more so that we got off at the right place, on time. ;)

  2. The way you have detailed the 'getting-out-of-metro' incident, I was thinking in between that this all took more than an hour! :P
    How come you remember everything so intricately?

    I second Green Speck that your narration is smooth and one gets hooked perhaps because it is so frank! :D

    You're back with a 'long' bang! ;)

    1. That is the point. I do not see the normal things, but the very abnormal stuff :P

      Ya! I don't know how I'll ever write anything I don't feel connected with. Thanks for your comment. I missed those :/ :P

  3. That jutti part was amusing, moreover that reaction was totally unexpected. :P Nice haan, would've been a reason to smile on many faces in the metro. ;)

    You recognised that puppet man :O, I would never have! Really nice gesture there though. :)

    P.S: I wonder what your puppet voice sounds like :P

    1. Don't I just do the most unexpected things? ;)
      That man was quite distinctive. I'm sure you would have, don't just underestimate yourself all the time. :P

      PS- Imagine, no? I'm sure you have a *very* vivid imagination ;)

  4. I like the way u narrate... your *long post* hooked me to the end. jutti part was amusing and the puppet is so sweeet.... may u have such more happy days and we get more such posts.... happy blogging :)

    1. Thank YOU so much Priyaa for your very sweet comment! :)

  5. Hey Ashna!
    First of all, where was I when you were blogging all this while?? what I mean (meaning probably lost in excitement :P) why hadn't I come across your blog sooner?? You seem like a fun person and your posts very enjoyable (sorry, didn't mean to sneer at your misery or anything). And I for one love LENGTHY posts/comments... it's a pity I seldom come across the latter (yea,yea, awww.. poor me).
    Great post! and the jutti part? Hahaha!! Oh my, I was supposed to move to Delhi next year, should I still hold onto my plans?? :P

    Enough of my crazy comment ! See ya! Wishing you '''strength''' (the 3 inverted comas are sort of my signature style :P) to overcome another day :) ;)

    1. Hey Ruya! I'm SO glad to have someone who's so like me. I'm also very happy to have you here! :D

      See, I don't feel like writing very sad/depressing stuff. I do have a lot of miseries in life (oh I'm kind of exaggerating :P) but I prefer to just keep records of the good stuff. :)

      And I LOVE writing it funny, I want it to be light and fun, just like I want my life to be. So probably it comes out this way and people can connect. I feel immensely happy when I read someone saying how they liked it and how they felt. It makes me happy :)

      Sure, do move to Delhi (though there might not be a Delhite so anti-Delhi as me, but then, I'm the only one, don't worry :P). Take care using the Metro, though ;) And if you move here, it'd mean we can meet in person, so yeah, please do! :)

      Love your signature style ;)
      Thanks so much for making my day! :D <3

  6. :)

    Now that a typical "your-kinda" posts which I always love reading!I simply like the way you narrate things so beautifully..... at the cost of sounding repetitive would say I loved the "jutti" part :)

    And ya..thank you for giving me a virtual tour of the Delhi metros... as I am planning a trip there next month this experience should definitely come handy ;)

    Wishing you many many many such incidents which make you write more and more such posts as I am loving it!!

    1. Haha! I hope so too. These seem to be the only things worth mentioning :|
      You are planning a trip to Delhi? :D Welcome-o! :D

  7. See I told you break works! Though short but you took one and here u are with a great hilarious post.

    And yes we have similar trouble with Calcutta metros (I hope you know we have metro at the 1st place). Its jam packed and I have lost count of how many shoes I have broken while getting down at my station.

    But still I love metro and I love this post too :)

    1. Yup, we know about Calclutta metro trains too. Shoes broken? :/ Oh no. I wouldn't risk that. :P Delhi metro is OK for me! ;)

      Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  8. hey ashna! I often visit your blog but your skill astounds me sooo muc that I usually forget to comment :P
    if I had been in your place at the time of that 'jooti' me...I would have started with a funeral cry! but hats off to you :P
    I am too lazy to read long posts...but its too stupid to skip yours.
    HAPPY DAYS! :)

    1. Hey Srishti! Thank you so much for your comment! It totally made my day! :D I had no idea you read this. Thanks so much! :)

  9. It was my fault...i never let you have an idea :D

  10. It was tooooo long ....
    u hav a great command over english, kaash meri b apke jaisi hoti ....

  11. good ...keep writing...GOD LOVE U

  12. Oh-has the Delhi metro got so crowded? Been a while since I was in Delhi. Loved the way you reacted and thank God that G made it back into the train. For a while I thought he would be left standing on the station while you got lost amongst the abaadi in Delhi!
    Love the puppet!

    1. Hhaa! Thankfully that did not happen :P
      Yes it is damn crowded during peak hours :/
      Thanks for your comment :)


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