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Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog hiatus and more!

Hey guys! I'm using this post to make a few announcements, some of which might not be pleasant (at least to me :/ ). No wasting time here:

1. I think I'll take a blogging break for a while. I'll be posting book reviews on my book blog, but those too, the required ones or those I write on a whim (I don't know, I can do that sort of a thing. I'm very moody and impulsive). Reason being, I'm running dry on ideas these days and whenever I start typing here (believe me, I have 5 draft posts just from the beginning of November!), I leave it in between, as there isn't that 'spark' in what I write/how I write/when I write. I'm kind of worried. What if I'm losing this ability to string sentences together and write as I used to, because of this annoying college? It's scary, if you think about it. And unfair. But it might also be that I'm in a slump or something, and I hope this is the reason. Aww, you got disappointed? (It's my wishful thinking, I know. God knows you'd be delighted and happily dancing!). Don't worry, I know myself. I might just bounce back pretty soon! ;)

2. I had a very nice birthday this year (It was on 9th Nov!) and I was thinking of posting about it, but I guess now this'll have to do. I met with some amazing friends, most all of whom I had first met online. (Facebook seems awesome sometimes ^_^) Those guys totally made my day far more happier and amazing, not just by being there and making me laugh like crazy, but also by gifting me some ah-may-zing books! 

Rachit gifted his copy of Bartimaeus (by Jonathan Stroud) and that copy was quite special to him. Thank you Rachit! :)

The best gift I guess, is by Usama: *squealing in delight!* Insurgent! The second book in the Divergent trilogy we were dying to read! Thankyouthankyouthankyou Usama! :D 

Awesome, right? :D
Then, I had asked for the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead and I had got book number 4 and 6 on Raksha Bandhan (God bless my non-reader brother! He didn't know which book comes first in the series) and so I wanted to get the series completed just so I could give it a start and so I got books 1,2,3 and 5! :D

3. We had this small Diwali party of sorts in college today. And yes, contrary to what I initially wanted, I did wear Indian traditional. And even though I look like an aunty, I'm including a picture! :) It was fun! Speaking of which, I wish all readers and everyone, really, a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. May your lives be bestowed with limitless happiness, laughter and smiles and I hope each one of us gets wiser and better day by day. Enjoy the festival, people! Lots of love and hugs to you all! :D

                                   I'm looking at the other camera! For those who're clueless, I'm the one in pink!

Happy Diwali! I LOVE these real Diyas! :)

PS- To those who'll miss me: I love you! :') I'll miss you too, but I need to get my mind free from useless thoughts, so I'll be doing some serious filtering. You know, I really don't want things like work (college work, what else?) to be spoiling anything I like. And so I'm going to go kick some stuff out from my mind and then I'll be back as awesome as ever, or maybe even better! ;)

Oh, don't get senti, if you know me, you'd know I'd be back soon (I can't just leave this just-like-that, no?) and then I know I'll look like a dramebaaz, but who cares, right? ;) 

See ya! Season's greetings! Be good! :)


  1. Hey firstly a very happy Diwali to you too :)

    Secondly that seems to be an amazing birthday you had not to forget those beautiful gifts! Thank God I ordered some for myself otherwise I would have been going red with envy right now :D Rachit and Usama are truly wonderful friends - touchwood! Yes Facebook is good sometimes as I met some wonderful people like you, Rachit and Usama there :)

    And whoever on earth said you look like an aunty in Indian attire needs to get an eye check up immediately!

    Lastly coming to your main point - blogging.. well our blogs are an integral part of our lives but sometimes somethings in life affect is the way we don't want to. So for whatsoever reasons you feel so I appreciate that as it means you treat your blog with a lot of respect!

    Having said that yes you will be terribly missed and so will be your "type" posts... will be waiting for you to be back soon with some refreshing thoughts to share!

    Take care...!

  2. Hey, I am so happy that you liked the gift(more so, because I get totally excited whenever I see my name printed somewhere which is not written by me, it's an awesome feeling :P) :') *wiping tears of happiness* :P

    Okay coming back, I think it's part of every blogger's blogging life when (s)he doesn't feel like posting the draft for some or other reason, and it's a good idea to take a few days' break then. We'll wait for your refreshing posts to come back. :)

    And yeah, Shubh Deepavali!! Have fun. :D

  3. Hey Ashna, you look so nice in the pic. God knows why you think otherwise.
    And yes, enjoy this break, if possible extend it (may be a sabbatical) and just dont feel guilty. Once back you will be clear of all the "writers block" and write like never before :)


    1. I JUST saw I hadn't even replied! Thank you, you awesome people ^_^


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