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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let there be 'newness'!

Pic from Google. Where else?

Alright, I'm way beyond the time I thought I would take to come up with the next post and those of you who know me well would know I'll blame it on exams. I most certainly would, by the way. What did you expect? Those damned, useless things took up at least twenty days of my peace (add or subtract a few. Add, more like). Then, finally when I thought I'm free, all I ever did was read books. There wasn't that old, incredible pull blogging gave me earlier, willing me to post something at really weird times. I think it's that thing everyone calls the 'two year itch', meaning, your relation with someone/thing you love is the point where the excitement starts to fade away. I'm attributing the itch to this blog, since it’s two years old now and I haven't had much of a problem with posting on my book blog (yes, even during exams!). Even though I'm the kind of person who absolutely, totally hates change in any form, I knew I wanted a few changes to the blog. If there wasn't anything new to look forward to, maybe I wouldn't even be posting anything for a while.

Some of you came with extremely useful advice (see the 'Makeover Help' tab) and some helped me with the backgrounds (read Rachit, Usama) and I'm grateful to you all for putting up with me! It wasn’t as easy as I had expected it to be, because nothing ‘clicked’ or appealed to me. I tried every possible theme, layout and so many backgrounds I can’t even count, finalizing the final theme exactly five times. Here, I should mention my family members, who came up to see and check whenever I told them I’m showing them the ‘final’ design. The first final and the one that is now, are totally different, like two opposite ends of a kaleidoscope or whatever it is. All the while when I tested different colors, it seemed alien, as if I’m doing this to someone else’s blog, that my own blog is the pink one, just like it had always been. To get over it, I tried the same background with variations, but then it became too comfortable to be workable. I would look at it and feel contented, but wouldn’t post often. I don’t know what it is, just something really funny. And weird. The regular kind of things that happen with me, so I decided I had to let go. Sometimes, things that help you, help you best when they’re away.
I'm missing you already!

The blog look isn’t the only change I’ll have to live with. Just like every other student, I’m sitting on the cool marble floor of my cool home to avoid the searing heat outside, minding my own business, doing whatever I like. It’s vacation time, but like many other students I wouldn’t be thinking about the next semester, or the essential college things my wardrobe lacks, or even being with the same friends. I’ve almost graduated and worrying about further studies, the new campus and those strangers among whom I’ll have to look for a friend. The territory is unknown, the future, foggy. I can maybe see myself there, but I can’t be sure of how it will really turn out to be. It’s disorienting, slightly nerve-wrecking and just a little bit exciting.

Then there’s me, a new me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m essentially unchanged, as far as attracting troubles go. I think that’s something unique to me, an inherent characteristic in my personality that wouldn’t ever let go; though a feature I wouldn’t want to mention in any of my resumes in this sadistic world, unless it’s for a position in the Underworld! ;) Anyway, I’m still really the same person I’ve always been, just this time with my eyes behind spectacles! Don’t think of me as a moron, I know so many people wear them and it isn’t even my fault! I mean, there’s hardly anything wrong with my eyes, as such. Just a few weak muscles for which I’ll have to work hard to make them strong, so that it doesn’t get worse. But still, dear God, I wasn’t serious all those times I playfully put on my friends’ glasses to see how I’ll look. I was just fooling around, seriously! I’m not blaming you or anything, just thankful that it’s a small thing, but I would like it better if you helped me get rid of them real soon. You know you can do anything to me and I wouldn’t be bothered, but you can’t-just-joke-around-with-my-eyes! I love them more than anything, anything at all! You know what I felt like when you decided to let the doctor say I’ll have to work really hard or it will get worse, or that I’ll have to wear glasses all day? Just like Rapunzel would have felt if you cut her hair or like Hermione, if you decided to make her brainless!

My reading habit isn’t the same, even. Ever since I challenged myself to read 50 books in 2012 and since I’ve been book blogging, I’m reading like I’ve never read before and I have to say, it’s as much a pleasure as it could ever have been! I love every single, tiny winy bit of it! :D I mean, I’ve read some extremely pleasurable reads, and some I never thought I’ll love so much!

Aanddd, to have some sensible thing to do during vacations, I’ve just started experimenting with papier mache! My first piece of art (okay, kidding!), the first thing started about five days ago and will take maybe, another five to get ready! If that works out well, I’ll go crazy creating things as awesome as shown in the book from which I’m learning! ;) It’s really a great, creative way to channelize the outbursts of energy we seem to have and which we spend mostly on sleeping off our free days! (Though, that still doesn’t stop me from sleeping till noon! :P)

There have been more changes than I wanted to bargain for and considering my nature, I’ll probably try to get away from the changed things as much as possible, at the same time trying to live through them. I mean, even I’ve changed, then what can the minor things possibly do? Look at this post! I haven’t written in so long (posts on the book blog don’t count) that I’m kind of missing that special spark in the way I write. That’s it. It’s over. The hiatus, I mean. I’ll write, I’ll blog and I’ll have all the fun I can while doing it. :) I just hope, you, awesome readers, will continue to bear with me.


  1. At this point, I'll have to throw that most used cliché ever- The only constant thing in this world is change :P

    I am always charmed by the way you write your posts. Pouring your heart out on the blog.

    Newness is good! :D

    1. Thanks. I've never really understood the real, 'deep' meaning behind that quote, being a change hater and all :P

      Thank goodness somebody liked it! Very very happy I am! :P

  2. You know, apart from all the freaking changing things around this world, the only thing constant is your blogpost length! :P

    It always brings a sudden smile to the reader's face to read such frankness. And trust me, this is the look that suits your blog Ashna! I love it! :D

    1. Yeah, I know. The thing that I need many words to describe my feelings. :P

      Thanks for helping with the look (I had 'fun'- and headaches, I wont deny- with experimenting with the backgrounds you suggested) :)

  3. Ashnaaaa.. a very relatable post, i must say..
    Being the 'lesser book-worm' ... :P i had vowed to read at least 20 books this year.. and i too am loving it :)

    yes, I see changes too, a lot of them.. but I love them now. They are more in the form of improvements in me and so I love changes! I'm sure you too will start loving them :)

    Papier mache sounds cool; i would love to see what you made!

    PS: I always love reading your posts :)
    PPS: I have overused the words 'love' and 'loving' .. :P

  4. oh and also.. i 'love' the new theme :) :P

    1. Haha! Enjoyed your comment so much! It's so good that you're 'loving' the changes, it makes the whole process much more fun. :)
      and don't worry about overusing those words.. the more they're used, the more 'feel good factor' it has :P

      Thanks for 'loving' the new theme. I kind of like it too :)

      And hey, I want to know what 20 books you're reading! List list! :D Are you on Goodreads?

    2. haha.. ya :)

      yes I was on goodreads.. but I somehow lost track of it..
      and i don't have a list.. but have some in mind.. i was going to ask you to suggest me some ;)

      the ones i have read are : to kill a mocking bird, by harper lee, love story by eric segal , and a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini..i had started with the fountainhead by ayn rand, but left it in the middle.. it needs a lot of patience.. and exams came around ..ill take it up after a while ;) and currently i am reading sophie's world by jostein gaarder.. amazing book,,!!
      lined up next are : Brida by paulo coelho, tea for two and a piece of cake, the hungry tide by Amitav ghosh, Star signs by Linda goodman..

    3. Oh oh.. none of those books match with mine. :| But I think I'll add Sophie's World to my TBR. :) And I have to read The Kite Runner and a Thousand Splendid Suns too.

      I asked about Goodreads because if we've created a reading challenge for ourselves over there, it's a great motivator! :D

      Enjoy the books! (And all my book talk is on the book blog, suggestions, etc). :)

  5. Nice article Ashna! Though change is tough, if adapted to well, it makes life a whole lot of fun! It helps you experiment with new things in life :)
    I would love to see what you made with papier mache! :) Post a picture here! :)

    And can I have your e-mail id?

    1. I'll sure post a picture.... however it turns out to be.. beautiful or hideous! :P

      I'll add the 'About Me' tab today and the id will be there!
      Thanks for the comment :)


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