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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Snacking on my third bar of some really yummy chocolate (cherry ripe-that's what is written on the wrapper- it's well, cherry and coconut and dark chocolate!), I wonder what to write. There are a dozen topics buzzing around in my head, but I settle for one I've never written before.  

Ageing? Maturity? Seriousness? No way! These are still not 'my-kind' of topics!
It's Metamorphosis, meaning change. Before anyone starts thinking I've suddenly sprouted an interest in fancy words, let me clarify that I've been a fan of this word ever since I read it first time when I was 10, a poem by Anushka Ravishankar. A year ago, I came up with a poem (sachi mei! This is proof-  The Flight ). I wanted to title it 'Metamorphosis' but because of some (silly) reason, I didn't. So, here, finally it comes. :)

Have you ever tried to go way down the memory lane, flashback, and think of your life when you were really young? It's beautiful, soothing (unless you're focusing on embarrassing situations) and makes you appreciate the magic of change. That's what happened with me. The 'me' I am now is not the same as it used to be (I'm not counting my naughty nature and the tendency to land up in awkward situations!). There's been a gradual change, just like it happens with everybody.We're more confident now, more sensible, more intelligent.

But the thing I don't understand is the hype around your age. Does a teenager suddenly get super active maturity cells in them, so that the day they finish off their teens, they start behaving in a more 'sensible' manner? They now need to be more 'responsible' , 'understandable', 'capable' and many more ables. They do something stupid and get reprimanded for acting like a kid, for being 'immature'. Why? Change doesn't happen in a single day. Dear parents, or whoever elder to us, if you want youngsters to behave in such-and-such manner, make them inculcate those habits over a period of time. 

It's agitating! I found a half-written piece in the drafts folder on "Being 18". It had very similar thoughts. (My Mom just came up with an admonition, for being 'careless' with some ID cards. Hufff, whatever I may write or say, it just remains in the confines of this blog and to the hardly-couple-of-people who read this. If at all they read this. I have a suspicion they simply say it's nice because they don't want to discourage me. Will have to find out!!!). 

Anyway, the point is that yes, we are growing up, we need to be responsible; BUT we need TIME. It ain't a day magic (those Harry Potter spells don't work in reality! Neither do those Weasley ageing potions!). Cherish the growing up with youngsters. They love it and want to make you a part of it. Teachings and lessons can come progressively. And so can the reproofs. 

I've read a million quotes on 'life' but don't remember a single one at the mo. (maybe I do, but I don't want to stop this typing and think! :P ). I just know that Life's a beautiful gift and it is meant to be enjoyed, each moment. We get hindrances, tragedies, that make our life come at a stand-still; but we must make sure that those problems only cause the 'pause' mode in life. Be sure to find out a way (believe me, there are many) to get to the 'play' button and keep it there as long as possible. (this 'moving on' philosophy has been inspired by one of my friends :) ).
Okay, stop guessing! This intelligent thought came to me because sometimes I can actually think sense. Or maybe because I'm at the verge of the 'growing up' age. But believe me, nothing changes. At least not at once. I may have sounded sensible in this post, but it's the result of some deep thinking ONLY! I don't think I can ever get over my ability to sound like an idiot most of the times. :P
But still, now that I've typed down so much with just two of my fingers, I want to know what you think. (I'm  mostly addressing those 'hardly-couple-of-people', who will hopefully read this!). 

Signing off as a teen, for the last time ;)
(Miss you my bachpan! *sighs*)
Welcome 'maturehood'  (only saying for the benefit of those elder readers. They should not think we're not 'serious' :P )


  1. as m typing this ,only 1hour,15 min r left to njy ur teen age...njy gerlie....
    coming to the article,again u wrote a rocking one...nd changes come when we face different circumstances...sum r so bad,that they change our nature,...but yes i agree wd ur point,change cn never cum within 1 day.... :)

  2. I knew my habit of reading the first, the last and a random line in between was going to pay off some day, else I would be caught this time.

    So, a nice and serious write-up as you said. But I think all this metamorphosis thing is a matter of individual choice. If you think you are naughty, place random comments on people and find fun even in somber places, you should stay that way.

    Growing up and growing dull and stiff are different things after all. :)

  3. Thanks Gauri and Usama! Really, both of you have said things that are REAL and absolutely TRUE.

    Gauri- I like what you say- changes come when we face different circumstances!

    Usama- Yes, I agree that our basic nature stays the same. But still, at present, we're not as we were, not even yesterday. Yesterday if you thought something, today you think it differently, in some cases. These are small, gradual changes. :)

  4. Ashna the transition from a teenager to 20s brings scads of expectations which ensue responsibilities and you are somehow bound to follow the forward track created by this universal creator, time. These -ables are a mere result of those expectations which hover around you when you dive in a new grown-up age.Everything comes gradually and nothing comes drastically ekdumse. But you have let it come, that means, you have to make sure that you don't run away from any situation that adds to the above! And it's surely recommended that teenage must be enjoyed and cherished since time never comes back. It's you who just looks back with a half-curved U on your face. :)

    And the probability of getting that button work and play is very high if there are many people around who can make that pause-into-play happen. They are family and friends. You are growing up Ashna and this post is a sound example of that. Keep writing. :)

    This sense of being big will bring a lot to you. Chal ab party plan kar! ;)

  5. Rachit, I read your comment thrice! Whatever you said is SO right. you always do (the friend mentioned in the post is you!) :)

    I know we need to take responsibility and try to fulfill those expectations, but that's what we are supposed to do throughout. But yes, they increase manifold when we get older (kya yaarr!).

    I wrote what I thought. That change is gradual and so the expectations should be in sync with that. This is what I thought two years ago as well (the draft post) and this is what I'm still saying.

    Party? Of course! :D
    But we will make sure we talk about 'serious' issues :P "maturehood" :P


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