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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Am I the only one?

Yesterday while traveling in the Metro, I was engaged in my favorite pass time- thinking, about random things- when I realized that there are so many instances and dumb experiences I've undergone ever since I landed on this planet (OK, born. 'Landed' sounds much more fantastical ;) ). I've gathered up the nerve to post a few of such idiotic thoughts and instances, just to know if I'm the only weirdo that walked on Earth, or if there are some more of my clan (I really hope!), cleverly hiding their weirdness (which somehow, I find hard to conceal).
Some instances are too dumb to be posted for my own good.

Am I the only one, who...

1. Has taken upon herself to set the record for the 'most number of tripping over every single thing' and of 'making every fragile object fall, if handed'. I swear my parents would have spent more on repairing and getting new stuff than on the original things themselves.

2. Imagined herself as one of the PowerPuff girls (I was a small kiddo then!) and the other selfish, bullying kids as villains whom I can easily overpower and who would one day regret their behavior.(such is life. Those people still rule :/ )

3. Used to run outside excitedly at the sound of a marriage procession (baarat) and dance in the street (I'm horrified at what I did. I can't imagine doing it now!). Add to it taking up 'daring' challenges, like wearing a funny combination of clothes (example, wearing a tee inside out or worse, wearing one of our parents' clothes!) and taking a round in the street!

4. Got all excited at the prospect of school (this is way too old. I'm sure I didn't have any brains then). Oh yes! Making up rhyming pieces of poetry on my friends (and really rude ones on those who were mean. ;) )

5. Still likes to wipe the plate clean if it has some edible yummy stuff on it (It will continue. I'll always remain a die hard food fan!)

6. Has completely different views on how kids should be educated and if those views are voiced, it would definitely give some teachers or educationists a heart stroke!

7. Deliberately leaves some money in jeans' pockets. Considering the lack of short term memory, it is always a surprise when I find it later (and use it for a well deserved treat :P )

8. Likes to imagine normal innocent people walking down the roads as mechanical robots going about their daily monotonous routine (Really! Why don't people want any "fun"???)

9. Loves books more than any living person and believes that living in a secluded place entirely on books isn't really that tough. I would rather enjoy it, I think.

10. Somehow finds it funny when everyone is in a really serious mood and finds it hard to control her laughter when everyone else is quietly doing their job. (This has landed me in some embarrassing situations too :/ )

11. Likes to save new clothes for don't know what occasions, and end up not wearing them at all during the season :/

And finally!

12. Has a double life. The real one and an imaginary one (I like the imaginary life better). ;)

NOW, I want to know if there are more people who ever did or still do, such weird things? Or am I the only one? :)

PS- This is not me. I'm weirder! :P


  1. Let's see now, I too feel the same about some things

    - Since I inherited the tripping legacy from my mother and enhanced it somehow over the years adding to it stuff like dropping every fragile breakable thing in the house, I think I'll be awarded someday.

    - If wiping clean the noodles bowl/plate every time counts, then yes for no 5.

    - I had strong feelings and suggestions to change at least the Indian way of schooling when I was in school. Still do.

    - I like books, love some I read, and am mad for a select few.

    - I can't suppress my laughter when some people make face like they've been....i don't know... just kicked by somebody.

    and finally,

    - I too have a double life. Can't term the second me as imaginary though. I think, it's more so 'what people don't/fail-to see' life.

    OK, that's it. Took a lot of space...:)

  2. Usama! I now feel a little more 'normal'. :P

    Nice to know some others feel and do similar stuff ;)

  3. Hehe
    Just so that you know, 'normal' is a bit remarkable to describe me.
    Sometimes my friends say that I am an alien who came from outer space. ;)

  4. ohh god..!! you have actually listed all these weird thing :P lol
    Although I relate to a lot of them, I doubt I would have been able to put them all together the way you did.. :P
    And let me tell you that your posts give an entirely different picture of you than what I know of you! ;) loved reading this one!

  5. Saloni, that is why i like it, writing these things here. writing, i believe is the best way to express and voice things u sumtimes cannot say. :)
    U know a difft me because all this that happens with me and all that i think, stays in the mind and it's here that i cn write these down. Without much thought, without restrictions, just straight from the heart. Thanku. Im glad u liked it. :)

  6. you are so right!
    writing brings out the deepest of emotions which go unexpressed otherwise..
    keep writing :)

  7. hello there!'s my first comment on any of your posts(i'v logged into ur blog just today)....just couldn't resist commenting on this one as (obviously) i relate to it....not all but 2-3 points for sure!!..:)

  8. Hey Thanks Srishti.. :)
    keep reading! ;)


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