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Monday, September 23, 2013


This was supposed to be an awesome post, the kind you feel like writing when you haven't written anything in a long time and you feel like you owe your lovely blog at least one amazing piece of writing, especially as it's always been there for you for your random musings at random times and you seem to forget it when you get 'too busy'. This was supposed to be something mind-numbing, earth-shattering, maybe about something so amazing that it'd draw everyone on the planet to go read it, maybe it could have gone viral, or maybe not, but it was definitely supposed to be 'something'. I admit. I'm still at a loss. This has happened before, in a much milder intensity and I always blame no one but myself for the lack of 'putting down thoughts as well as they deserve to be put down'. I still wouldn't blame anything, even though I am very much tempted to put in 'college' as a major reason. It might be, but I just don't care. I've always been a silent rebel. You give me something that threatens the things I love, I would mentally block it all and never even think the way you want me to. This is why I always dismissed those ideas when other people said they're 'too busy with work' to do the things they like. I thought you could be forever busy and still do it. "I" was doing it, so it's possible. 

But maybe it didn't occur to me until it happened. What if the work or the mental pressure of the sheer amount of nonsense you're subjected to everyday, all things that go against what you as a person believe in, how much effort it takes on your part to grasp any bit of your own beliefs and yourself so that those external forces don't make you lose yourself, drains you of any energy you might have left. What if, despite the 'materialistic' things going right, a nice college and subjects you might find interesting, you still feel horrible dragging yourself everyday? Hoping you'd like the exchanges between people? I thought I could manage it well, but maybe I was wrong. I mean, it's okay. It isn't as horrible as it is for other people maybe, but I'm just looking at what "I" deserve and these nonsense feelings are certainly not part of the package. I'll always fight for what I deserve and what I like, however much these things try to change all that. What would happen at the most? I wouldn't write a nobel-winning piece, I wouldn't have many people commenting, I would lose out on a few readers.

Does that matter to me? At a deeper level, yes it does. I do want to write amazing stuff, things I actually have in me and I know I can. I do wish I get back those readers who said they love what I wrote here. I know no one's gone, really. I seemed to be absent myself. But then it shouldn't matter as much and maybe it does not. Maybe I am more materialistic than I thought, but not as much as I'm thinking, either. This is not 'blogging' for me, it's writing. And I can live with anything but not without this ability to put things down like this. If there's anything I would be willing to rigorously fight for, it's my reading and writing, for without these I'd lose myself. I don't know much about anything apart from these two. What would I be if I am not able to make myself happy with these as well? Nothing. My college degree would hold no value. It would be, in the Indian 'job market' for which you're trained since college, made into machines and made to believe how working nonstop and relentlessly can bring you 'success', but not for me.

So even if this isn't an insanely makes-you-hyperventilate-kind-of-awesome post, one that I was aiming at, it's okay. Because it's just me and this blog and friends who understand. I know I could write that kind of a thing and I'll do it sometime, maybe without even realizing it. But for now, this is really satisfying and I'm happy. Y'know, the reason I feel like it's okay is more so because I do have crore things to do and I'm leaving all that for this. Tee hee! 

A really common quote thanks to social networks,
but it's awesome and true! :)
I had to ask. Did you know that our brains are actually not built for multitasking? I started reading this book last night, called 'Mastermind: How to think like Sherlock Holmes' and the second page in the Prelude said this and I went all, "Oh My God! Really? WHY!" Because yes you guessed it, despite having read hundreds of texts, I did not know this thing that my friends seemed to know already o.O I mean, when was it when I was first told how we are "supposed" to multitask to be able to be more awesome? Class 11? Yeah maybe. Definitely in the first year of college and I even remember proudly telling my seniors how good I am at multitasking, during some dumb interview for a dumb college society I was really enthu about (told you, I was completely mental back then). The point is, if because of multitasking, quoting the book, "our memory decreases and our general well-being suffers a palpable hit", why are we told it's something we should be good at? Hello? 
Thank you Sherlock. Now I'm really going to
read your books that I've had since childhood :P

This is why I seriously love books! Because they tell me what is right! People these days, just. can't. be. trusted. I know, it's because that is what 'the market demands'. Fast life, quick decisions, faster profit making. Jeez. But whatever. After reading, books and writing, I'm in love with my brain. However clumsy it might make me, I still am overly protective of its abilities. And if in some real life job interview they ask me if I'm good at multitasking, I'm going to quote this fact to them. Did you know Sherlock Holmes was an awesome observer because of mindfulness? And not multitasking? This seems like just a small fact but I've been hyperventilating about it since last night! It's like those two sentences attacked what I had been thinking since the past *counts on fingers* 5 years. OMG! 

I had to tell. Not any secret, you looking-for-gossip people! I must have mentioned how I love Mint Lounge, the Saturday edition of the Mint newspaper? God, I don't even read the main paper all week, which I should, MBA and all. But anyway, Saturdays? I so look forward to them! It's not business-y or economic-y, but there are views on related things and non-related things, all of them awesome. I don't know. I don't read it all and some Saturdays I don't find much that I'd like to read, but it always gives me that ecstatic feeling. I especially love this column called 'My Daughter's Mum' by Natasha Badhwar. I am not a mom so technically I couldn't have been able to relate to the stories, but I always can. And more than that I always feel so warm and emotional while reading those, whatever aspect of family life she writes on. 

I mean, it's Monday today. I picked up the paper on Saturday evening, when I got home and kept it on my bed along with some books (that really have nowhere else to go. Someone please donate me a shelf?). It was there all Sunday, being shifted from one room to the next as I looked for an opportune moment to read it. It was back on the bed at night. It's underneath my laptop on the dining table right now, where I left Aakar Patel's article on 'Why everything is not the government's fault' mid-way because I got a call from a mast friend and then I felt like writing. I'm always reading it like this, keeping it for a comfortable time because I don't wish to be disturbed and feeling all breathless while reading it. It's just a paper and I wouldn't even remember most of it maybe, but that's just how it affects me. :')

I need your help. To whoever reached here, I'm working on a live project involving opening up of a campus bookstore in our campus. Like a Bond, I took up the responsibility of looking after the inventory. So you know, I'm supposed to think of what would the bookstore actually sell. Important work, you see? So you gotta help me because yessss, I am very close to the deadline, so close that I can't even tell or else you'd think how BIG a procrastinator someone can be. Just know that you're supposed to reply maximum by tomorrow. :P Hey, I have done my homework, I'm just looking for more suggestions. So you're supposed to do this: Imagine you're in college and there's a bookstore in the campus. What would you like the bookstore to have for you, apart from academic books? (Unfortunately, they have to be stocked :P ) Would you like the general kind of Fiction that's available in normal bookstores? Is there something special you'd like to have? Any sort of merchandise? I'm not asking you to think like a business person, okay? Just as a student, what do you think you'd like a campus bookstore to have? 

If someone is very much interested in helping, please email me! If you've got small ideas, please comment. I promise you awesome posts in the future! I do have a list of posts ready for writing, y'know? ;) Till then, hasta pronto! And "muchas gracias" in advance :P (I'm learning Spanish too, you know that. The teacher gave me an awesome idea of having a blog in Spanish. After once laughing it off, I did think, how awesome would that be? It's just the purrfect way to learn the language! :D )


  1. Heyy, this post is so well put and filled with feel-good factors. I love these kind of posts. I don't know if it's earth shattering or not or will it do all that it should do but for me, it is indeed an awesome post. Just something I needed. ^_^

    The multitasking part. I might have seen a show on discovery sometime which showed that human are not made for multitasking no matter what they think, except for a few rare exceptions, almost all of us suck at it. The thing however, which I did not know was that it effects your brain. Thanks for this, in fact I just got to know a little about this, this very morning. What a coincidence ;)

    Although I haven't read a lot of Natasha Badhwar's articles, but from those I have, I am pretty sure what you are talking about. They are beautifully written. Food for your hunger of awesomely-written-filled-with-just-the-right-kind-of-emotions writeups, they are. ^_^

    The college bookstore thing, ummm.... thinking. Tomorrow is the deadline right?

    I loved this post Ashna, please keep writing such at-the-moment awesome posts. They are what define this blog ^_^ ;)

    1. :D :D :D <--- THIS is how your comment made me go, right from the moment I saw it is you and the length! :P THANKYOU!!! You know it means so so so much to me! :')

      Yep, I'll send you the links to her articles so you wouldn't have to spend time digging them out. ;)

      Yep, tomorrow's the deadline!

      Thanks again munchkin! :P Too cheesy to say but these posts are incomplete without your awesome comments :P Huahaha!

  2. First of all, I have to ask, I AM THAT MAST FRIEND WHO CALLED, right? :P Because I am mast and I called, and it was today and bass, nobody can be so awesome-er than me that they'd make you leave your reading mid-way:P

    Anyway, we had the whole multi-tasking convo on the phone and I don't have anything else to add except that feeling like this emoticon- B| because I knew about the multi-tasking thing :P So yes, I have been blatantly ignoring this whole multi-tasking thing, but like you and like I guess everyone, I love my over-thinking-weirdness-inducing-brain, so NO multitasking, I am becoming terribly slow and making bewakoof waale mistakes. Ok, now, no more attempts at multi-tasking and I'm gonna eat almonds regularly (I can so picture my mum having khushi ke aansu right now :P) Lend me this Mastermind book sometime, after I finish the already overflowing shelf of to-reads -_- Shelf se yaad aya, madam how many more shelves do you need? In your own words"There is no space left, not even for my own self" :P

    I already helped you with the bookstore thingy, right? I really hope you noted it all down, because I do not remember a word -_-

    Mint Lounge!! Ok, I don't read it, so please along with with your BAAST FRAAND Munchkin, send me links too. And I'm telling you, mommy instincts have you interested in that column :P

    Mast-ly written post!!! Loved, loved, loved it!! Keep writing!!! :)
    Kick asses ;) (Metaphorically and well, I'd love to see you take that literally :P)

    P.S. Please ignore the typos, if any, I'm in NO MOOD for proof-reading -_-

    1. Oh Preetika!! COME HERE FOR A BEAR HUG! :* How awesome can you be? *sigh* *feeling like a proud mom* :P

      YES, you are that mast friend dudeni. :D By the way, you gave ideas? Even I don't remember a word :P Maybe you did not. And that is why we don't remember! Please think again, pleaseo please? :D

      I think I'd be needing a shelf for myself soon :P Anyway, yes you can have Mastermind. And also, HAHA! "mommy instincts making you love that column"? HAHA! sure, why not? ;)

      Thank you!!! I loved loved loved your comment!! :D I'd like to take that literally too sometime :P

      PS- I didn't even notice any typos, if any. Maybe because even I'm not in a mood :P Huahaha!

  3. Oh my bad I just read this awesome post :/

    Wish I could have been of some help to you!!!

    ** SIGH**


  4. Super awesome and huge post! :O

    As a student at the campus, our bookstore has clothing, tech stuff, stationary, all the reference books, event tickets, a little information desk and a reading lounge.

    #hugebookstore :P

    Why did you not ask this over Facebook?! :O


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