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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Life Express!

Oh God. I actually never, ever had any clue my life would ever turn out to be like this. I mean, I remember last Saturday as is it was the day yesterday. I don't know how I'm living in another Saturday so soon. How did the week pass? I don't know. It just did. I only know this: I got up, assaulting the poor alarm clock, hopping from room to room trying to get ready, then seen on the road running around, trying to find a rickshaw (those days when I'm not lucky enough to have dad in the mornings), then somehow surviving a brutal (mostly mental) day in college, what with all the stupid-ness I'm surrounded with, reaching home late in the evening, gulping down food as if it's chocolate (except for the minor glitch that it's not exactly chocolate), crying and trying to finish all those dumb assignments and reading headings as a way to prepare for exams, dropping dead asleep and not knowing how and when, then again getting up and the same thing continued.

A hamster. That's what I feel like.
Another Saturday, but this one has been good. Not the college part, that's always quite pathetic, but it's nice when you reach home and find your super cute cousin waiting for you. The cousin who's 9 years old, lives in Katni, MP, sent a sweet letter to you when you bumped your leg, asking you how you were. The one who got upset with his mom yesterday when she didn't get the Chacha Chaudhary comics he asked for, the one who likes reading and who tells you he missed you all day. Then when he plays catch the ball with you just like your brother did (whom you miss because he's out of Delhi) and then quizzes you on general stuff which you realize, you're pathetic at (I knew just 2 out of the 10 questions he asked, out of his head). The one who goes into your room and counts the number of books you have, arguing that 136 books is not the same as '130 something'. I tell you, he's quite adorable. I've been laughing since I came home and feeling extremely good. 


It's quite funny, what people can do to you. Some can turn your whole system into a depressing one, so much so that you get into that scary mode when you can cry at the drop of a hat, while some others can make you feel like you're the luckiest, happiest and prettiest, just with their smiles! I wish everyone of us in college could be the same, but it's not like that. I suppose it can't happen, because over there, your happiness or your feelings or your thoughts don't matter. If you can give them something they want, you're treated well. If you're silent, or a "boring person", or don't talk about homework/work, they don't even want to travel/talk with you, let alone think about your feelings! That could almost be a hilarious joke, if it wasn't such a pathetic thing to happen. But it's alright, it happens, right? People aren't there to make friends, they have ambitions. Ugh, what-the-hell-ever. I don't want to waste my typing on what people like them think. I believe in simply being good, doing good, helping those who deserve and giving a royal ignore to those who make you feel like crap.

The only drawback is, sometimes I can't seem to get over the feeling you get when you think how good it was and how it isn't the same anymore. It's true that everything has a life. It has to come to an end sometime. It does and hurts you like hell in the process, but you have to bear it. Even knowing all this, you can't help feeling bad anyway, because even when you're trying hard to impress upon yourself the "It's okay" philosophy, you still get glimpses of how it was, and wondering what even happened (you have no idea) so that everything came to an abrupt stop. That's just one of my glitches maybe. And it's something I hate. I mean, I have an amazing family who loves me no end and here I am, crying over people who make impressions about me based on what some pathetic person said. It's even sadder, because those are the people who matter(ed?) to me.

Anyway, enough of all that trash-talk. The good thing is, I'm not going to get sad over people who just don't care. Staying happy, whatever happens, is important. It's the right thing to do. You know what Dumbledore says? "There's a difference between what's right and what's easy". (I so love this one! I think I'll get it printed on a t-shirt and wear it everyday. Or maybe I'll alternate a day in between, just enough for it to be washed and stuff). Like Margaret Mitchell said, "Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect." So we better stop blaming life! Gosh! I used to live such a simple, pretty and happy life. I still am, but for the minor non-sense stuff that's so much capable of ruining my whole mental system. I really wouldn't mind living as the last human being on Earth. I'd just like to have thousands of books and pretty scenery all around. Non-human life forms are also acceptable. 

#Random fact: This craving to do something to make myself feel good led me to And I finally ordered a book I've been itching to read since the past few months. I know it's one of those remarkable, rock my world kind of books! The Book Thief by Marcus Zuzak. 

#Random fact 2: I have such a week ahead of me, that I think I'd even be skipping the food gulping part of the day. I was supposed to do loads of work, but you know me. I have to be here when it's too much work. And now it's near midnight so naturally I'm sleepy. Not that I'd be sleeping anyway. Of course I'll be reading a book, despite the fact that I'll be out of home till evening tomorrow as well and wouldn't be able to work. At all. But you know what? I've noticed, if you're happy, you can almost always manage everything. Even if you miss out a few things, it doesn't really matter because you know you were really happy, which is something rare, so you better let it happen whenever it does. ;) 

#Random fact 3: I just remembered that the cover story of today's Mint Lounge was something about how and why Indian kids prefer reading foreign authors (the rare kind of kids, the kind I like. Those who're like me, I mean!). I haven't read it yet and I'm going to go read that right now. 


  1. +1 to the quote in the second picture! Ashna, this all is a phase of life which will slowly pass through. And then you'll meet new people, remember these and what learnt and left behind. This all is a part of life and doing MBA, you're just being prepared for a loaded tedious situations which perhaps you're bound to face when you enter the business firms and companies. I am sure that you'll sail through this, hail and hearty and if it takes this post to shed out your internal anger then be it! :D

    And as you always are told in these comments, tera dil kholke likhna ek alag hi chhap chhod jata hai! :D Good going my hamster, this too shall pass. And not all people are different and on the wrong side of live's river. Some are on your side too, you'll meet them when you've too. Or maybe, you just need to look around! ;)

    1. When you enter business firms and companies? :/ I don't want to! But I know what you're saying is true. Thank you for these words. They were a consolation. :)

      PS- yes, yes, I know tu hai meri side :P

  2. You know what, i hate the people around me and I hate he random negative thoughts that flood my mind every other minute , which is why I prefer the rushes- when I'm so busy working or studying that I don't have time to give a damn to people or their nasty remarks or those pessimistic thoughts in my head. Having said that, I don't intend to tell you that's how you should take life. Maybe you can, but it's up to you.

    From what I've come to observe and know, I think the rush is just a phase. It goes away as soon as it comes your way. Ya, the tedium and the routine drives you crazy but the little things, those little moments of joy are worth it all, no? Like the cousin you mentioned. Life goes on, the rush and the fuss that comes with it is inevitable, all you can do is go with it, live your life, enjoy those sweet little moment and just believe that 'everything happens for a reason' and 'it's all worth it, the hard work will; pay off'.

    As far as the people are concerned, I just have one thing to tell you: They are neither worth your time nor your thoughts. So, "ignorance is bliss".

    Waah, I'm such a hypocrite, duniya bhar mei pravachan deti rehti hu and yet I end up breaking down at the simplest of things... Using my own advises and incorporating my so called 'philosophies" in my own life seems quite futile :D

    Anyway, I bore you enough over fb and now through my comments. SO, I'll leave you to live the rush :P
    Ciao, all the best for whatever tiring stuff comes your way :)

    1. Oh and PS. I love hamsters ;) Must've noticed them on my blog :D

    2. Haha! Thanks for this comment Ruya. You seem to always tell me what I need to hear/clarify. Thanks so much . <3

  3. You have 136 books at home?! :O
    My goodness! Thats an awful lot!
    You never get bored, right?
    You are lucky! Trust me, my mum makes me go to the library :/ saying she's sure I wont read the same book again :|

    Hopelessly Hopeful

    1. Aww! I go to the library too, and books are the only thing I ever ask for, so I suppose they don't mind. :P
      I'm sure once you make it evident you'll keep those books close and re-read them, she'll allow you to buy more. :)

      Thanks for your comment :)

  4. Past couple of weeks has been crazy for me too. Assignments, quizzes and presentations take so much of time and effort that I am drained out of every ounce of energy. What's frustrating is not the work load rather the fact that at the end of the day my mind is filled with thoughts of "Why am I doing this? I just want to continue writing my action-fantasy novels." It is more fun if our efforts go into doing something we love to do. But complaining does not change anything, does it? I have to remind myself that if I love to do something, I should be able to make time for it. If there is something I hate, I have to put an effort to change it. If not, then I better shut my mouth and accept everything as it is.

    Life is such a struggle. But that's what makes it more exciting.
    Take care! :)

    1. You're so right. Complaining doesn't change anything, really. Taking it out in some form, though, like blogging here that I do, helps getting the burden off. :D

      Thanks for those words. :)

  5. Off late my life has turned upside down and life just seems to be one non ending roller coaster ride with no time to stand and stare.

    At such times I guess our blogs come to our rescue like cute little spider man making us smile and reminding us about those small things in life which make us happy.

    Just like your post - :)

    Lovely, missed and nicely devoured <3

    1. My thoughts exactly. Thank you so much! :) <3

  6. Life really sucks at times. All we have to do is 'Grab the best and ignore the rest' ;)
    And I bet you do that!

    Well, was expecting more of the kid...he sounds too cute! :D

    1. Haha! He is cute! I like this line, "Grab the best and ignore the rest" :D Something to always remember! Thanks! :)

  7. First, you're right. People who don't even care to be with you without some materialistic reason deserve to get a royal ignore. You do that and i'll stand up and give you a royal salute one more time. B)

    I really don't want to barsao any gyan today because I am not in the mood for faltu gyan stuff so I would just re-iterate what Margaret Mitchell said, 'Life will have it's own way and we are to just to pick up the roses that lie on that way'.

    Thanks for writing this post Ashna, I can't tell you how much I missed your posts(I suppose I haven't already said that in comments to earlier posts) and like Me, I dutifully devoured this one.

    One more thing before I end this comment. Random Fact #2. Last three lines. Made my day. :D

    1. :D Thanks for missing me! ;) I missed your comments too!

      Oh I am about to get a royal salute? :D *gets ready*
      Thanks for that line by Margaret Mitchell. Going to save it! :D


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