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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Random update! :)

 Hey guys! This is just a random update on what’s been happening. Beginning with an almost cruel fact, that I got just a five day holiday after bravely enduring an entire year of MBA, which, by the way, is no mean deal. I’m considering applying for a Nobel Prize. Still, till the time I complete the paperwork, not to mention some gruelling mental work to get back to normal, I still have to go through what’s required. Which is an internship during the summer. For eight weeks. Only in my case it’ll be longer, at least for a week longer than usual, since they need people for the task and area I’m assigned to.

I feel like this leapfrogging fish. Just that there's
nothing "froggy" about it.

Which is where it gets interesting because deep down, somewhere really deep down in the crevices in my heart, where the blood vessels leave some space, I am excited. This is what I asked for, in a way. And I have to admit, I’m quite thankful I got in here because that’s what I told the placement coordinator: I’d be happy anywhere there are books. I mean, somewhere else might have been cool, but I know I’d be bored in a day anywhere. Except when it might be related to books, which is where I’m going. I’ll be interning with National Book Trust, somewhere related with exhibitions and yes, book fairs! :D Super awesome. Though I have no idea what exactly it’ll entail, but still. I think I can survive anything if it has to do with books and having book lovers all around and being in the midst of bookish talks and all. I suppose I’d never get bored.

Still, that doesn’t mean I would get over my freakish self easily, even if I’d be doing something as close to “wonderful” in my definition of work-related stuff, not to mention something that excites me, which isn’t much. So, the catch? It starts from tomorrow. And I’m almost certain if what I’m feeling right now isn’t a mild anxiety attack, brought on by my own mental lack of confidence, or as Lilly thinks is the case with Mia- in The Princess Diaries, of course- ‘a pathological need to invent drama in my life’, it most certainly is something that’s making me nervous. For no reason at all. Not that the prospect of actually going out to work (that doesn’t even sound good, let alone suit someone like me) isn’t nothing at all, but still.

For most normal people it is normal. But then, I’m not really as normal as them, am I? Seriously, and I mean, if you really like me and wish for me to be happy and comfortable, please give my name as a reference to anyone who’s willing to pay me to work from home. And “work” means reading books! I’m also willing to write well-thought out and planned reviews. Alright, I’m even willing to do anything bookish, just from home. The thought of going out and working in a real workplace is scary. Now, no need to feel all frustrated, alright? I haven’t been brought up to be a brat like this, or so clueless, as I’m sounding right now, because I know it’s essential for moral or whatever development to go out and work. Not to forget, to earn a living too. But still. I’m not getting paid for the anxiety attacks either, however tiny those might be.
That's how I should be!
Anyway, looking at the bright side, apart from the basic fact that I would be associated with something that promotes reading, especially among children, which is something I personally always, always, always vouch for, I suppose it’s going to give me a lot to write about! Example, this post. And I haven’t even started yet! :D

C’mon now. I’d appreciate your well wishes and good luck and love!

PS- The internet has been down since yesterday and I have already spent my day today finishing a great Meg Cabot novel. Now it’s sort of irritating because I don’t know how and when I’ll be posting this on the blog. Let me go look for some smart alternative. ;)  

PPS- Wifi from a cell phone works! :D


  1. Haha! Anxiety attack!! All the very best for the internship miss! I am sure you will contribute whole heartedly. All my true wishes are with you! ;)

    1. Thanks for those true wishes mister! :)
      PS- There's hardly anything "haha" about an anxiety attack. :|

  2. All the best Ashna :) well, I have already wished you but doing it again, won't hurt, right? ;) And the anxiety's all normal.. specially for people like us, the 'weird' ones :P

    Anyways, thanks for making today awesome by the awesome stuff you shared :P And once again, ALL THE BEST NISAAN ^_^

    1. Thank you lil sis! :D
      My day was made awesome by that and your excitement! And because of the talks we did. Thank you! :)

  3. All the very best Ashna! :) I'm sure you'll enjoy your internship. It's amazing that you're interning in something about which you are passionate, which gives you a chance to put your heart and soul into your job! :)

    Keep updating us about your job!

    Lots of love, hugs and good luck wishes coming your way!!

    1. Hey how was your internship??? :)

    2. Hey, thanks so much for your good wishes! It is going on okay. Not exactly how I imagined it would be, but still okay. As long as it's about bookish stuff, I think I can manage. ;)
      The initial apprehensions are over so it'll be just fine. Thankyou. :* <3

  4. :)

    I love the way you connect the small things through dots to give out a beautiful complete picture !

    All the best for your internship when you do something you love you definately give your best in it and success is then not too far :D

    Take care!

    1. Hi Me, I am going to take a line from your comment. I hope you won't mind. Thanks :P :D

    2. Thanks Me! Yes I suppose it does make a difference, considering I haven't dozed off yet :P
      I feel really happy to know you like it. Thanks :)

  5. Like Me said, I love the way you connect the small things through dots to give out a beautiful complete picture. And it's commendable how effortless it looks :D

    All the best for your internship Ashna, may you enjoy as much as you learn. ;)

    1. Thank you so much! :D I hope so too! :)

  6. Good luck Ashna! I am happy for you :)

  7. Hey! Internship with the books! ;)
    I hope you are having a good good time!

    1. Ya, sort of I am. :) Thank you so much! :D


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