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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea for Two Tuesdays # last!

When Preeti Shenoy said this is going to be the last prompt, I never thought I would feel this sad. After all, the last three weeks I've only posted here thanks to her creative prompts, or the blog would've been February-2012-empty! So before I start I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Ms. Preeti, because of whom I've come across some amazing people with equally amazing blogs! Thanks a million and I hope we'll get to participate in some other kind of prompts sometime later. :)

This time there are questions to answer, the kind of questions that tell what kind of a person we are. I guess I'll have to answer seriously; I don't want to be taken as a self-criticizing-lunatic who's always talking about her clumsiness. :P

Question# 1. If you had Rs.50,000 to just blow up (you have to spend it on YOURSELF. Giving to Charity or buying gifts for others not allowed), what would you spend it on and why?

 My Answer: My plan of travelling solo here won't do because one, I'm still too young (:P) and two, budget constraints ;). Sooo, I'll work towards my other mission- to have a huge room with wall to wall bookshelves, filled with all the books I've ever read (including the kiddie ones) and all those I want to read. I guess I'll spend around Rs. 30,000 on this or add another 5000. That would give me approximately 175 books (if the average's Rs. 200). Not bad, I could live a couple of years easily with such a haul! For the rest of the amount, I'll buy a Kindle. Probably Amazon. Even though I'm kind of opposed to the idea of e-books (but that's only because I'm kind of 'traditional', loving all things old and ancient), I think I ought to have one, just for the sake of it! :P

Question# 2. Name three of your closest friends (not family or spouse) and say why you love them.

My Answer: That's a tricky question. There are many people I love, but two are really close and those I'll choose over the rest in a situation that demands it, like this one.

Apoorva: For being kind enough to let me stay with her during the first day in college, when I didn't know anyone (she was with her Mom, but I was totally alone), for staying through with me all these three years, having fun, providing help and guidance and being a face I could turn to during all kinds of situations- happy or sad, and who's always the first to know whatever's happening with me. :)

Kanika: For being the person who gestured to me to sit with her in Class X when we were shuffling seats and I couldn't find any free bench, for being the only person I've sat with since that day till the end of school, for bearing with the snob that I used to be (don't believe it, I'm only exaggerating), for bringing along friends, ready to celebrate the birthdays, for telling me about stuff not related to books! :)

Since I'm not actually cruel (just try to forget the last prompt post. Please!), and I would feel terrible if I left anyone out, I'm categorizing the third person as a group (sorry!). Shivani, Shruti, Sunmeet- for being the buddies I've had the fun of my life with, Aneesha and Richa- for making our group studies the fun it ought to be, Rachit- for hearing out my ramblings and helping with all things technical. :) :P

Question# 3. Name three books which have profoundly affected you and which you would recommend to everyone to read.

My Answer: Tricky question again! I love 99% of the books I've read, but the three that have had a profound effect on me would be:

1. The Harry Potter series: Though I've always loved reading, my real mania with novels began with Harry Potter. It isn't just a magical story. There's a strong message on the power of "love" behind it, which I feel has been expressed in a subtle, yet strong manner. If you haven't read all the books yet, I would ask you to read it.

2. The Secret Garden by F.H. Burnett: It's the kind of classic I can read over and over again. Wonderful descriptions about everything- the war, the ruins, the new towns, the feelings and emotions the little girl protagonist goes through- all of it left a deep impact and kept me thinking about how lonely life could be for some people, why we need to appreciate our life the way it is, for it could be a lot worse. 

3. The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson: Among the first books that threatened to make tears spill out. I read this a long time ago, but I find myself going back to it often. I love it for its descriptions of the beautiful city of Vienna, for the wonderful story line and the way it's been told, for giving out the message of innocence and love and how pure relations needn't be only blood relations. :)

Question# 4. If you know for certain that you can never ever fail, what would you attempt to do?

My Answer: Well, there are a lot of things I want to do and if it's given I'll be successful in that, I would attempt to:

- Go Scuba diving. I would anyway do that, I never thought about failure! I've always wanted to do this, ever since I learnt its full form in school. A funny kind of inspiration, but that's true! (By the way, SCUBA stands for 'Self-Contained-Underwater-Breathing-Apparatus' ;))

- Ditto Paragliding and all adventure sports.
- Write as many books as possible!

Question# 5. What is THE ONE THING that you want very very badly?

My Answer: That's harder than I thought it would be! I'm grateful for whatever I have, but the thing I want real bad is- freedom. Freedom to do all things I've always wanted to, most of which I haven't still done thanks to this city that's gradually turning into a crime city. With news channels blaring with horrendous news, parents feel pressed not to let their kids out on their own, and this has stopped me along with many other kids, from living the carefree life our parents lived. (I'm still grateful though, when I see kids these days. It's even harder for them!).

Judging by the length of the post, it seems I tried to put in the most, from among the things I wanted to. Dismayed as I am with the end of the Tuesday prompts, I'm hopeful for more new features I can participate in and there's always Preeti Shenoy's lovely blog! :)

After all, 'the end is the beginning of something even more beautiful.'

PS- Don't forget to grab this best-selling author's latest book, 'Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake'!


  1. Hey hey!! Your answer to the 5th question made me assume that you are from Delhi. Are you? Read this poetry of mine in that case, Silenced Voice Faded Smiles.

    1. Yes, I'm from Delhi. You guessed right. I'll sure read the poem. :)

  2. I am indeed thrilled to read my name in that list Ashna. That calls for a party. Right? :P

    I was expacting Meg Cabot in your favourites! Though the answer to your first question sucks for me but still you love books na. :P

    It's lovely knowing you Ashna as it's lovely reading this. :)

    1. Party toh mujhe milni chahiye plus you're already (ok will get) your 5% fees later. :P

      Meg Cabot is indeed my very favorite author, but the question was which books had a profound effect on me, and I answered honestly. :)
      And don't you dare say anything bad about books and bookworms or I'll ask all the bookworms in the world to raid your bed just before you drop off to sleep! :P

      Finally, seriously, Thank You. :)

      (BTW, I guess you meant 'I was expEcting Meg Cabot....' :P ) Haha..

  3. Same pinch - as I also want to write a book given a chance. Heck - I guess all of us here want to :)

    Great knowing you Ashna......

    1. Thank you :)
      Yes, I guess we want to. Good luck! :)

  4. My pulse is racing right now, and was racing, throughout this post. Because I paused and thought, what would I answer to this question, after each question above.

    And what lovely post you wrote Ashna, totally frank and honest. This post actually made me to take part in the prompt. Totally awesome.

    I must go and start writing. Still feeling delirious. :P

    1. Heyy!! That's super-cool, if it made you want to write on it yourself! Looking forward to your post! :D
      Thanks for always reading and putting your lovely feedback here. :)

  5. Nicely written answers. I liked this positive quote “The end is the beginning of something even more beautiful” :)

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving your kind comment Tarang. :)

  6. Hey Ashna -

    I really hope you get to write your own novel sometime. Was nice reading through this post of yours!
    Most importantly there are a whole lot of must read books list that I am accumulating reading all these posts!!

    1. Thanks Sirisha!

      I'm getting to know about must-reads too. This Tuesday meme by Ms Preeti was absolutely wonderful! I'm hoping we'll get more chances to participate in such things! :)

  7. Scuba Diving?? really..? You never cease to amuse me :P
    And I need the two books you mentioned, after exams..The star of Kazan, and The secret Garden. (I still can't get myself to read Harry Potter somehow :P)
    Your answer no. 1 matches mine! I so want to travel alone. May be solitude can offer some peace, some relief from this daily hustle bustle!
    It was lovely to read your post, as always :)

    1. Hey... I really want to do Scuba Diving. No jokes :P
      Both these books are based on little girls, hope you'll enjoy them. The Star of Kazan sparked my love for Eva Ibbotson!
      Travelling solo seems adventurous, plus it might add to our self-discovery!
      Thanks for reading. :)

  8. It was lovely reading your answers Ashna! :)
    SCUBA DIVING! Well.. I had an opportunity to do it, but I chickened out in the end! :/
    BTW just out of curiosity, what do you do? Are you in school or college?

    1. Thanks for reading! :)
      You make Scuba Diving sound scary :P
      I'm in final year in college, studying business management. :)

    2. Hey! It is scary! Fishes, sharks and the like! :O :P (don't kill me!)
      Good luck with college!

  9. WOW! That is the kind of bookshelf I'd love to have...!!!
    (Normally I do not use so many !!'s ... just imagine how much excited I am right now :D)

    A post straight from your heart :)
    Freedom to do all the things you have wanted to do ... Amen to that


    1. Hahah.. I can understand. This kind of a bookshelf looks amazing! Walls-turned-bookshelves! :D

      Thanks for your comment! :)
      (I'm hoping to connect with people who love books through my Book Blog. I would like you to go through it :))


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