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Friday, February 10, 2012

Show stopper? Maybe NOT!

Okay, this is totally random and unplanned. Not that my posts are planned anyway, 99.9% of them have been typed down after a-strong-urge-to-just-type-down-anything-or-I-might-throw-up kind of a situation. And this is one of those instances as well. Like always.

So, we had this totally hyped about fest at our college, which I was very eager to go to. We didn't have our college festival last year at all and this one was planned out fantastically, spread over three days! The first day, i.e. today, was the one that was most awaited for, because we had this biggie singer (whom I hadn't heard of, but that's only because I'm not so interested in "in" music) performing for the so-called "Star Night". Everyone happened to know him and there was a craze for the passes for his show. We being the host college students didn't need any passes, of course and I assumed the guy must be good. And he was, or so I thought when we heard his songs blasting through the speakers at full volume (and a couple of them were SO common I felt stupid not knowing).

Anyway, I reached college in the afternoon and saw....... barriers and policemen? To add to it, there were so many people gathered outside the gates, I wondered if the 'super star' was there already! But all I saw was frenzied people getting crazy to enter. Enter MY college. Du-uh! What's so special about my college anyway, I wondered and rolled my eyes and made my way to the looong line. There were about 7 fully built guys in leather jackets (black) and walkie-talkies, checking ID proofs (not to forget ridiculously getting serious about their job!), so that we emerged getting bumped into 7 different scary (and kinda funny) looking 'security' people they like to call 'bouncers'. 

We found a sunny spot and watched the solo dance performances, getting on our feet every now and then to grab something to eat or to meet random people. For me, the best thing about such fests is the opportunity to see people clad in party clothes! Some fashion disasters are such a laugh and some make us want to shut our eyes and take the scary image out of our minds. And such funny things keep on happening, too. Like the time we went to the restroom and a girl came trotting in. And I really mean trotting, because that's what it looked like. She must have been trying to do a cat walk, but it went totally wrong. She swished herself in front of the mirror and started doing weird things with her hair. While I waited for my friend to come out of the stall asap, I suddenly heard the wannabe girl starting to sing along to the tune of whatever song that was playing. And not just singing. (Shrieking?) Singing loudly and twisting herself in front of the mirror. Or that might have been a dance. God knows. I just remembered getting out before I lost my common sense! Where do people get such (over)confidence from anyway?

Time passed chatting and roaming around and soon enough it was 6pm. The time of the performance. And whoa! People were just going crazy. I could not and still cannot understand the logic behind it. Whole lines of people were seen outside the gates, some holding up their passes, some trying to sneak in and some who were doing whatever business they were doing. :P I cannot understand the frenzy and craziness behind it. True, he's a singer and a good one at that (maybe), but what makes people so mad that they can jostle each other and stand squished between many people, so that when they moved, you had to move too, like a whole mass? Or making a big lighting pole fall because they're just so many and even the ground cannot hold them straight! That's just not my type of thing, so I sulked at the corners and at the back. With my friends, of course. 

Sulked because this is something that doesn't happen in my college. It's something that one hears about happening at other colleges and something to be read about in the newspaper and treated like an everyday piece of news, and not to be thought of again. But all this happening in my college was new to me. I wasn't used to it and I didn't like it. Maybe because I do not like crowded places and this was filled with many screeching/hooting/shouting creatures and I could not stand it. Because then I tend to go into "silent" mode and try to ignore everything around. Again, maybe because I dislike change. It made me think of the fest I knew in my first year of college. Simple as, well, anything that's really simple. And I had enjoyed so much. I have nothing against others, who were all enjoying to the fullest (at least seemed to be). It's just something that I don't identify with.
Picture from Google. Though the scene at my college was pretty much the same. And wilder.
What made me really mad was that it was already 7pm and the 'superstar' hadn't arrived! As if we don't have to travel in the chilly cold and get incessant phone calls from parents! People were getting really impatient and did weird things to pass their time, like throwing empty plastic bottles in the air or stuffing the over priced food in their mouths, down to their gluttonous stomachs! Mr. Superstar arrived and I had mentally already decided that I don't like him. Even though the crowd cheered and oohed and aahed, I felt anger rising in me, which slightly abated once songs started playing. But those were recorded ones. He first put only a couple of rap lyrics into the mic and left his gang, oops, band members to sing the rest. Then it took another 20 minutes to make the crowd shift a little at the back, since they were too near the stage. It was all maddening for me! 

To add to it, we found out that he was only lip syncing and throwing a few lines live in between. That completely put me off and we went to have some ice-cream. And then we left. Though thanks to the lovely 'superstar', it took 15 whole minutes to get the car out to the main road, since there was so much chaos! Police cars, normal-people's cars and so many random people! The kind who don't really know what's happening and decide to peep in and see what the 'hulla' is all about! As if that wasn't enough, the Metro train made me wait for whole 15 minutes before rolling onto the platform. So much for the much-awaited "Star Night". I didn't enjoy. Much. But others did. And that's where I realized the difference between them and me.


  1. That's what happens at Star Nght Ashna. Star comes late and leaves early and in between he's lip syncing! But the overall zeal and commotion is worth noticing. Loved the way you described it! :)

    1. Then I have decided I don't really enjoy "Star Nights". :P Not just the kind of thing I like. Thanks for reading :)

  2. Even I can't understand the big fuss about these kind of events. The mad crowd, sandwiched lifeforms, and stepping on each other's feet is what happens. To add to it, the hype associated with the performance never gets delivered.
    Better to enjoy rest of the fest.. :)

    1. Hi-5 Usama! Totally agree with you. But the sad part is that sometimes such Star Nights are the only thing that's focused on, because of which the rest of the fest seems dull. Anyway, it's nice to not get dragged off to some desolate cell because of going against such well-attended shows!

  3. haha! brilliantly described Ashna..
    I hate such star nights, where stars arrive late and then you have to crane your necks, and torture your toes to catch a glimpse of the so-called-stars!
    And even i came to know about the lip syncing! how ridiculous..
    I wouldn't have come, but my sister is a big fan of his.. so I was forced.. :P

    1. Hahhhaa.. ;) Even I had pretty high expectations, that's why we all were there! But I'm not complaining, every situations offers some opportunity. Like I got something to write and rant about ;)
      Thanks for reading! :)

    2. definitely ;)
      especially the fashion disasters..They teach you how to never dress that way in public :P

    3. True! And it's real fun watching wannbes ;)
      in my previous comment-*every situation. :P


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