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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I'll still be me...

This is for those who're beginning any new phase in life and feel anxious about losing their old selves in the process

Long after change has wrapped me, completely,
When you've seen me in a different avatar
Seeming to stem from my mind or my heart
Let this be a reminder to later see,
At the very core, I'll still be me

A different face, a different style
A difference dress, worn to impress
A different walk, a different talk
A change in likes (or dislikes)
New experiments, leaving the old style behind
Would be borne out of a wish
To keep up and blend without a blemish

It's nothing wrong
To want a smooth sail
Even I am scared,
What if I fail?
This feeling's one of a kind

Just see deep under my smile
It's still just mine
Despite all the change you see

I'll always still be me...



  1. So true.

    Our behaviours and appearances do change. Sometimes our conscience could also change in the way it responds. But deep inside we're the same person. What makes us stand apart is our experiences and our goals.

    Keep writing. And do drop by mine.


  2. Thank you so much Ashna for this poetic piece though i doubt whether a person survives in order to find new realities of life and still remain unchanged till the end.
    BTW I'm a regular reader of some blogs including yours. Sorry for coming out late. And I really adore your writing. Keep writing and posting here without must interval. Okay?
    One suggestion: Avoid use of parentheses in poem, there're already much poetic liberty : )


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