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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I don't know why I'm writing this. I should SERIOUSLY be working right now!

What's up with the loooong titles I have these days? I mean, have I become so lazy that I wouldn't even want to wait a few seconds to think of a creative, short-yet-meaningful title? Oh wait, yes I have. :| Not that I care much, because this is one of those times when I seriously cannot stop typing. I just need to. Like, "need" to. Even though I also desperately "need" to shut down all these tabs and work, because it is nearing midnight and I have to actually "go" to work tomorrow. But anyway, blogging rules! So yeah, I'll sacrifice some sleep, which in itself is a huge feat, so you can guess how important would be the work I have (yet I prefer to blog), and slog some time working after I'm done with this post.

But wait. What am I even saying? I need to write something that makes sense! You know, even though this, what I'm doing right now is perilous, I'm glad I'm insane enough to do it. I mean, I was so bored not being the old me, even though the new me is nicer and kinder and what-not, but it gives a good feeling to go back to idiocy sometimes. The first line in my last post stated how happy I am these days, which is true for the most part. Oh wait, *optimism insertion* *re-quote* Which is so much true! And believe me, it's not because I suddenly found something awesome, even though I did, but that was because I started on a conscious quest to leave out negativity and get to awesomeness in life. Following really simple things works wonders! *_*

Anyway, awesomesauciness news? Most of my usual worries lately revolve(d) around the job-search process, mostly because we're surrounded by so many expectations and people and crazy-pots, that it does become hard to focus on your own self. But if you really want something, you have to stick to your own ideas, come-what-may. People don't really matter. I know it is easy for me to say so, because even I believe I got lucky, but there's no harm hoping for awesome things, right? :) Cutting a long story short, my status from a berozgaar MBA shifted to Assistant Editor at an Indian publishing house. :D I mean!! These guys actually gave me an opportunity to get straight to book editing. *feels forever abhaari*

Even though I'm new in the process, I'm sure I'd get to learn so much! And I can hardly feel the weirdness of not really, formally using my MBA degree right now. I won't say I don't mind it either, but that is a very tiny fraction of it, and things we learn in business schools are far beyond formal work. Those are things that make you a better professional and a better worker, both of which would be used in any kind of job I perform. And I got to do something so close to my heart, what else could I have asked for? :') EEPS! :D

Before this awesomeness happened to me, I was thinking of making a Job Search Diary series on this blog, talking about the job-search process, the funny and the silly, the preparing for interviews, the encounters with (trust me) really weird specimens, how you think and how it actually turns out, yada yada. I dropped the idea when I was no longer welli, but I guess I can still do it. After all, there would be stuff to report even when I'm working, right? I'd just hope my employers won't read those posts! Not that I'd have anything bad to report, but still. :P What do you think? O:)

Alright penguin! Going, going!
Pic credit: Somewhere from Google!
Now. I should seriously get back to work. Or else either this penguin will eat me up - and I'd be found in this mug in the morning - or I'd have to lose my precious sleep, which makes me a *very* dangerous person to mess with. Ciao!  


  1. Helllo
    I love your blog i mean its beautiful so are u:-D and this post is a laughter riot:-D:-D:-D
    Do sometimes drop b my place

    1. Hello!
      Welcome to my space :)
      Thanks for your lovely comment, will definitely check out your blog!

  2. Hahaha Ashnaaaaaaaaaa, this post was so random, but fun to read! I kinda felt lazy reading such a huge title, so I got straight to the content! *beat that laziness*
    Congratulations on your job! It's always great to be able to do the kind of work you love and I'm so happy you were blessed with that opportunity.
    I become dangerous too when I function on less sleep (eg. today). :D
    Take care and hugs!!

    1. Hey Abinaya! :D
      Welcome! You were missed! :')
      Your laziness due to sleep-deprivation is quite apparent here :P Can totally relate to it ;)

      Thanks so much for your wishes! *_*

  3. That get to work mug is real cute.

  4. Congratulations on your job! That's great! And I love your positivity! :)


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