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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Metro Diaries #6: Lateness, just like how it used to be!

You remember how it used to be on the good old days of my undergrad when I reached college hardly on time? And then MBA happened and it all became a sad past. But seems like some things just come up so you cherish the past instead of feeling horrible about it. I'm late to college. *Very* late, in fact. And if I think about how it all happened, you'd say it's because of my carelessness, which is probably true, but I'd like to give it the benefit of doubt and call it a classy God-wants-you-to-be-late-due-to-some-insane-divine-logic thingy. (What? I'm still me, hence, hopeless with names :P)

So what happened was, I got up with a *lot* of difficulty, considering how tired I was coming back from the farewell yesterday. (Yess. The end is nearly there! And oh by the way, the title I got was 'Paperback Princess'. I always end up getting bookish stuff o.O or princessy stuff. Both, in this case, which is actually awesome). And also considering the fever and all that jazzy (but non-awesome) things that happen that make you want to sleep. But I was still ready on time and ready to shoot out when I realized I had to put my stuff in my usual bag. Throwing in both 6-subject notebooks (no time to check the subjects), and the lunch box (still the old one. What did the maid do with the new hot pink lunch box mom got???), I rushed out, sat on Scoot and rode off. *speed, speed, speeeed* 

Halfway through I decided to do a mental check to see if I had everything I'd need. That's when I realized I forgot the laptop at home, which we'd be needing in class today. Recalling my group partner's Whatsapp message. *shoot* Instead of turning right like I had to, I took a u-turn and *speed, speeeeed, speeeedddddd* rushed back home, parked Scoot outside and *knock knock*, waiting for the door to open. I rushed inside and packed in the laptop, not forgetting the charger this time. Throwing out one spiral notebook (who has time to check the subjects????), packing the bag again and rushing out. It's drizzling. 

It had started to rain while I was rushing back home and it was still drizzling. The maid, like always believing she's the queen of the world or whatever, advised me to take a riksha instead, in case the rain goes bad and I'm stuck in some weird place. And I like an idiot dismissed my own brain and took her advice. Taking the sole rickshaw available, who did not even have change for a 100, I dragged myself towards the metro station. It's such a pain to be in a snail-paced rickshaw, and think about my pain when it did not even rain a drop.

I don't know why I keep using this picture.
It is just so "me" :P

I reached my station 5 minutes after the deadline time I have for myself to be able to reach college on time. It would still have been okay had it not been for the awesome fact that I had forgotten my Metro card at home. In another bag in another place, where I had kept it for use yesterday. *Note to self: never ever forget metro cards while changing bags* I had to take a ticket! The vending machine (those new thingies they put instead of letting normal human beings do the job) was very conveniently 'out of service'. The customer care had a long line and the line was half as long for the other TVM. I walked towards it and saw no Metro official. The people were playing with the machine on their own and since the awesome machine doesn't accept any other denomination than 10 and 20 and I had neither, I had to go back to the long customer care queue and wait for my turn. Spying on people, I realized that everyone was just recharging their cards and I almost decided to go back to the other counter that seemed to be open, but then thankfully the guy before me got a ticket and I asked for one too. Got it! 

It was half hour for the class to start and I had a 40 minute metro ride, not counting the train-change time. Plus the rickshaw-to-college time. God! Whatsapping a friend, I got some solace thinking he's 4 stations ahead of me, late too. But still. What if the whole class turns up on time and I'm the only one who is like, 20-25 minutes late and the teacher doesn't allow me inside and I have to go back, embarrassed? O.o Not that I care about that, but I can't miss the class because I have already somehow missed 4 of this subject and we're allowed to only miss 3. And for the three days I did not go to college and wasn't well, I had the medical certificate which I think was in the spiral notebook I threw back and left at home. I want to die. 

But it's okay. It is a bad day, even you have to agree. I ran to take the shorter (and more crowded) route and then the not-so-tempting general coach just because it would help me walk less on that insanely long platform at my station. I was around 10 minutes late for the class, which, considering all the kattas that happened, was not at all bad. And just when I had jumped up on a rickshaw for college and had the tyre complete one revolution, I heard someone calling my name. Looking back, I saw a teacher waving at me and we stopped, waited for her to hop up on the rickshaw and then moved. It wasn't bad, except for the fact that I'm horrible at conversing with teachers. I don't know how others do it so easily. I just can't. -_-

20 minutes late to class. Eeps! Running towards the room, avoiding people too slow to move like the ninja I am, I reached class. And what do I see? Everyone casually strolling around, chatting and gossiping and homeworking and all such 'ings' that happen in a classroom. The teacher bent over the coveted attendance register, pen hovering, staring. Not quite understanding what he was doing, I went all, 'err sir? Ashna. Present!' :P And he went, 'Ashna? Oh yeah, present' :P Yay *_*

Why do weird things happen with me? I'm such a strange-things-magnet. I mean, these are the kind of things you can't even begin to explain to anyone. Suppose the class had started on time, imagine if it had been a sadu teacher instead and had asked why I was late, then? I couldn't even talk about the metro having a problem because that has now become a staple with the going-by-metro population which includes......everyone. But still. That is why I believe in God. He saves me. :P

PS- Two things. One, I need to write and write and write. My vocab is at an all time low. Two, I had typed 90% of this while going to college, in the metro, on the fone. I'm awesome or am I awesome? ;) :D

PPS- I've noticed this trend. When I write regularly, I hardly get any new followers and readers. And when I'm on an unmentioned hiatus, I seem to attract more bloggers to join the site. Why? -_- Are you guys, by any slim chance, implying that you'd encourage me to not post? -_- :P
OK "see you" for now. You should know I hate goodbyes.


  1. Haha! Aweosme! This should be names "Day In the Life Of Ashna", awesomely written & when you say "speed-speed-speeeeed", i came to remember an old cartoon "Speed Racer".. :D XD

    Umm, now on the post, i myself have never reached in class on time, i mean who would go at 6am on a chilly morning. I wouldn't. :P

    Super Post! :)

    1. 6am? o.O I wouldn't go to any place that calls me at 6am in the morning! :P
      Y'know, all my classmates reach on time. :/ Don't know what planet they've come from :P

      Thanks so much for your comment! :D

  2. Hey Ashna, howdy? I am reading your blog after such a long time. Or is it just that I am commenting on your blog after a long time. Either way, I am happy to be back ^_^

    I agree with Aayush's comment, this was 'A Day In The Life Of Paperback Princess'. There is only so much kattas that could happen in one's life usually, but your share of these kattas is certainly a little more healthy than most :P

    The extra 's' in 'Yess, The end is nearly there!', even though just a single more in number, says a lot about your happiness. I am happy too, being your reader. I verily hope you'll write more and more once that is done with.

    All the best Paperback Princess. Keep Writing!! ^_^

    1. You're doing both dudo. Reading and commenting after a long time -_- Been too busy, have you? -_- :P

      OK faaaine. I've been a horrible blogger these past weeks. Thanks for the katta comment though :P I was looking at this collage my college friends made and there's a line in it that says, 'you're always a mess -_- *smacks head*

      I too "verily" hope I'll write and write all the time. I'd be happy to be free! :D

      Thanks so very much for this comment dudeness! :D Take care!

  3. boy, do I know the sinking feeling of running late.

    If you managed to type it all in a metro and on a phone, you win my Blogger Princess title too! This is first time I'm reading you and you ARE awesome.

    1. Hey thanks Mishty! Welcome to my katta-filled world! :D Hope you don't get crazy. ;)

  4. Heylo there!
    Pure enjoyment it was reading the err..katta-ful post...(jeez! I'm getting bad with words -_-)

    I so adore you mentioning the fact that your undergrad college always saw you late. It consoled me heavily. :D
    And how come you have such eventful days? :D Well, thinking closely, I have them too. Just that I am getting lazier day by day to come up with similar awesome posts. :'(

    1. I'm always appreciative of people in college who admit to having this quality of being late :P As for eventful days, yes, you'd have them too. I guess many of us have them, we just don't either focus on them a lot, or don't talk about them.

      Don't you worry about being lazy, you'd get over it! :)
      Keep writing! :D


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