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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Awesomeness!

Y'know you're a goner, a pure victim of injustice if you're in a college where they take your Sunday and exchange it with a fully packed day and you still go to every single class because one, attendance issues and two, you're saving the holidays for later. You have any idea how such 14 days can be? 14 straight days of classes from 8.30 to 5.30, with every single class requiring you to take some tests or assignments or presentations or cases? Total stupidity. So when a teacher takes mercy and postpones his assignment's due date and you get one day when you don't have any submission the next day, you're so confused that you don't know what to do! You feel sleepy but you feel that'd be wasting time :P You sit down to send sane replies to pending emails, you feel emotionally awesome because an email would be from someplace you don't know, sent by a person you don't know, saying how they can connect to what you write and what they feel about it. That is when you feel like you're actually achieving your goals in small increments, because that is what you really wanted. :D

Anyway, that is also the time when you know you desperately want to blog but you're in no state to think and write. You would then consult your writer-friend and he'd give you a really awesomely weird prompt. This is what I got as a prompt:

"Write ten things about yourself that make you so proud that you want to hug yourself!"

Source: Google
Weird, right? :P I actually had to consult this friend who gave no more than one point, saying 'You're supposed to do this yourself.' Consulting with mom led to simple but cool answers (and I feel awesome my mom thinks so ;) ) And as much as I believe and think we're supposed to stay humble and not mumble (it's okay dudes. We are allowed to write words just to make them annoyingly rhyming :P ), I also feel like doing some self-motivation thingy and list some things about myself I feel are awesome! ;) I mean, it's cool, you guys. Please don't run off to the International Commission for Searching and Awarding Insanely Awesome People to nominate my name. I'm above all such materialistic stuff. ;)

# 10: I love to read. Many people love to read, I know, but I love it. I love more the fact that I have been reading ever since I could. In a place where there is hardly any culture of bedtime reading, I'm lucky that even as a kid I had the brains to read books my age :P (Yeah, it's obviously because of my parents who encouraged me, but still). I read children's stories and classics when I should have, Enid Blyton and Nancy Drews, and yep, I was 12 when I started reading the Harry Potter books, so that is awesome! And people who read are nevertheless awesome just by virtue of being readers, so that's an added plus!

# 9: I have amazing blogs. And I find them amazing because I completely adore them. This blog contains my evolution as a person, witnessed through the stories I've typed here. This is where I have always come when I needed to bring something off my heart, where I felt awesome while writing. This here, my second baby, is where I can freely (and super-enthusiastically) talk about my favorite topic: books. And it led me to many more book lovers, including an amazing girl from another country who is now a pen-friend. :D These blogs are not popular, nor do I wish for them to be. Popularity brings with it too much noise and distractions and yes, spam, and I'm better off without having to deal with those. ;)

There's one fact I love about these two blogs, that I don't actually do a rigorous promotion for them, because of which they tend to have people who are genuinely interested. This holds more true for the book blog, because I'd rather have a few reader, book-lover, genuine review-seekers to be on my blog than many random people just because I know them from somewhere. Genuineness adds such a feel-good factor! :)

# 8: I'm one of those 'old-school' characters. I've never really understood the term properly, but despite being the kid of the 21st century, brought up in co-ed educational backgrounds, among super-fast technological developments and super-fast people, I'm the kind of person who'd have been happier living in 'the good old times'. I rarely identify with the modernities, I refuse to believe in changing roles and behavior of people where everyone is convinced that being fast and chant is the way to success. I'd prefer to go slow and steady in any kind of relationship. I'm aware of everything new and modern, but I'd rather not live that way.

# 7: I love writing. It's one activity that never makes me feel jumpy or anxious when I have to do it. I feel nervous about a lot of things, including group activities in class, presentations, and wherever else I'm supposed to answer. But that's not the case with writing. It's something I've always been comfortable with. I don't write great, I don't have a good vocabulary, but I'd just always prefer writing in simple words (because okay, no great vocab -_-) for everything I need to convey. Well, maybe not everything, but most of the stuff. I was that weirdly awesome kid in school who loved English classes and looked forward to them; the one who loved doing grammar exercises, who never had trouble writing answers, who wrote short essays that got read in class. :D #nerd mode on. 

# 6: I don't get bored. Seriously, that makes me a boring person for others but I don't get bored myself. :P There's always some thing roaming around in my head, for my brain never sleeps, and if there's nothing (or no one :P ) interesting enough to observe, there'd be whole sentences forming in my head, as if it's writing a book on its own. It's crazy, but I love it. Considering how I anyway don't get much time to write, at least my brain has taken it upon itself to practice. ;) And yeah, lack of boredom tends to make you patient because you're not restless when nothing interesting is happening around you. 

# 5: I have interesting interests. Y'know, they're interesting to me. The thing I've noticed about people who're patient, and weird and fun, is that they have interests outside or not strictly based on their main area of academics. There has always been something I've had when I got bored of studies. Books, art and craft, some online course, blogging, learning and practicing photography, reviewing books, collecting clothes' tags, etc. One more reason I can't get bored! 

# 4: I'm 16% tomboyish. Mostly girls might not like to call themselves tomboyish and count it as an 'awesome' thing about them, but duh. I feel awesome when guys in class play cricket and I can ask for an over to bat, when we have a fun play-thing and I am the rare girl who actually can bat and ball and catch (seriously. Some don't even know how to hold a bat. o.O ). I loved my childhood days when I played with G all sorts of games; cricket (how I loved it), basketball (making a swiveling motion and saying 'Basket!' was awesome), cycling (I still would run off on a bicycle if useless dogs don't run after me), skating, taking the remote controlled Renault awesome car to the park and operating it with ultimate cool-girl attitude, etc etc. I can seriously go on and on. :D 

# 3: I'm kind of above the trivial things. I don't mean to dismiss those who do talk about such stuff, but for me it's cool and I feel awesome that I can't be bothered about little things like who's hot on TV, or what's "in" in fashion, or how someone acted because someone told them how someone else said something about them. o.O This took a while to think to form the sentence, I can't imagine how people get the energy to gossip about it. I'd rather discuss the book I'm reading with someone who seems to understand. But when people themselves tend to be critical about everything, I don't feel like they'd understand the point and so I'm left with just a few who allow me that liberty. And I love it! :D

# 2: I'm the slimmer, older, pink-loving, cheesy version of an amazing girl with an amazing blog who happens to be one of the closest friends and my soul-sister. :) 
A note to those who don't believe in making friends online: I used to think like you too, and then I discovered blogging. And if you are at the right blog, you'd get to meet and talk to the most amazing people. Evidence is here. ;) I have awesome people in my life. Those who love me even when I seem to behave like the craziest person ever, who actually laugh at my jokes (and they are actually good if you have that awesome level of understanding 8| ) and these people include my family and best friends. Thank you guys. ^_^ 

# 1: I have faith in my dreams. Even though from where I am right now, I can't see the destination, I do know I'd get there. And I'd make most of the journey, because the means is important to me, not just the end. I make achievable goals and aspirations too. For everything I love. I always wanted to see more people reading, not just because "I" like it, but because it is an amazing thing. Sometimes unfortunately it might not work, if you ask and force someone to read a book, but I got to know how one can indirectly influence people and facilitate their discovery of books they love. Whenever someone says that they started reading more, or have read books based on my reviews, I have felt that feeling of success and happiness that I really can't describe. :)


I started writing this post almost a month ago. This prompt was given a month ago. After the introduction, I had points 10 to 1, numbers written. I did not know what to write, I couldn't figure out the awesome things about myself. Even today, I had to take help because I was sitting blank. I asked the two best people, I asked my mom (who invented a term called 'negative awesome things' because she wanted to point out the bad ones too -_- Thanks, mum.) and then when I finally started writing, it came to me. I have a lot more points in my head now!! And I can't really say a lot on it because the fact that I felt so good after so long, is something no one can understand fully. I just need to say Thank you to all who facilitated this. Keep looking out for more awesomeness! It's sure to come! ;)


  1. Hahaha..!! This is Pure-Awesomeness..!! :D :D
    Well, everything that you wrote here, from being book lover to being a tomboy, you are "perfect" in all of them... :D :D

    Awesome..!! Cheers..!! :D <3

    1. Thanks for your "awesome" comment too! :D

  2. 'Awesome' post as usual :D
    You know, its really not bad listing your awesomeness. I infact would love to that anytime (only that I'll have to think hard :P)

    I believe you are right about the 'online friends' thing. No need for instances ;)
    I kinda loved the last point, having faith in your dreams. I am a little close to thinking the same way even though am clueless of where I am heading to. :O

    Rest, Stay Awesome. Keep Writing! :D

    1. Srishtiiii!!!
      Believe me, you should totally do a post like this. It makes you feel so good! And no, you think you'd have to think hard, but once you start, you'd get them in one flow! I can make another similar post now, I have more ideas :P

      As for dreams, I guess you just have to believe in them. Some things just happen on their own :D ;)
      All the best! Thanks so much for your lovely comment ^_^

  3. Considering how bad I am with words I almost never comment on blogs (religiously follow all of them though :P ).. But your blog is one that I am in love with..
    It IS awesome !

    1. POOJA!! :D Awesome surprise! Thanks so much! <3
      Your comment made me remember college! And how you used to say 'bada relatable likhti hai tu' :P

  4. Oozing Awesomeness! :) I loved every bit of it especially the 'old school' part and 'the faith in your dreams' and 'the book love' part . :D I loved it all.

    1. Thanks Anisha! :D Your comment made me feel awesome too! ^_^

  5. Heyy, I loved this post. I knew total awesomeness is gonna come out of this post. I loved it. :D
    I had something to say on everything you mentioned and I think I should, point by point, so here it goes,

    #10 -- Although I was saying 'me me' at it but you actually really not just love to read. You love to read. And I haven't seen anybody who is such a passionate reader ^_^

    #9 -- I totally love both your blogs and I guess there is no doubt about that. And not just because I love reading them but because they sort of help me in a way or the other almost always.
    Also, I completely agree with you on the genuine readers part.

    #8 -- I'd say using the modernities in a wrong way and totally depending on them rather than modernities themselves,make people chant and oblivious to good things around them.
    That said, and being diplomatic that I am :P i'd say, being old-school has it's own charm.

    #7 -- Well, this proves why you such ardent fans ;)

    #6 -- Oh, my brain is hyper active too, thinking all the time. I wonder how it is with you ;)

    #5 -- I'd have to say that collecting clothes tags was so totally new for me when I heard it first that I wanted to start doing it. But then, I didn't want to steal the idea so I didn't. Plus it was more of a girl thing :P

    #4 -- 16% tomboyish? ;) I love accurate figures :P Let's play cricket someday :D

    #3 -- Salute for this point :)

    #2 -- I happened to read that amazing friend of yours' blog today. She writes awesome :D

    #1 -- The 'means is important' part took my heart away ^_^ This is totally worthy of being point #1 It made me happy, from inside. :D

    Okay, I wrote another post on your post. Which humility said I shouldn't, but I could not hold so I did. I am pretty sure you'll see a lot many points now Ashna. These were totally makes-you-feel-good kind of points :D

    Looking out for awesomeness to come. Keep writing ^_^

    1. Such a cutely long comment!!! :D :* Thanks!!! :D

      Agree with you on the modernities thing. Yes, I am modern too, but you gotta use your own brain too!
      Collecting clothes tags is a girl thing? Acha? ;) :P
      Yep, someone gave me this figure. And sure, I'd love to play cricket with you! :D

      You can totally write posts on posts! You are allowed and you have all permissions :P Thanks to YOU for this awesome prompt. :D

  6. Hello there! :D

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