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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Featured on Half Baked Beans!

You know how it might happen? You might just be doodling in your idea notebook with your laptop open in front of you with a black sleep-induced screen, when the sound of a Facebook notification makes one percent of your grogginess go away and you wake up the screen to see what's up. Then you realize sometimes things you can't ever anticipate, however small they might be, can happen any time. Seriously.

Half Baked Beans is India's youngest independent publisher of commercial fiction and non-fiction paperbacks and e-books. (Check out their Facebook page here). So when I got to know that they would like to feature a short story from my blog on their own blog and a Tuesday feature called 'Tuesday Tales', I positively, absolutely hyper-hyperventilated! This is what was posted on their Facebook page. ^_^ The short story about the death of the Telegram, The Last Message was what was featured. I mean, how cool is that? :D Thanks Half Baked Beans! This is really appreciated! 

Life update: The past week was comparatively less busy sucky and more awesome than the past few weeks. I even managed to make an amazing visit to the Delhi Book Fair with awesome friends. I mean, just so grand! Although I do think I'm on some weird writer's block. And reader's block too, if there's any such thing. For example, I logged on to Goodreads yesterday after like, forever, and checked out my 2013 Reading Challenge Widget and it showed? I'm 6 books behind schedule!!! You know, I.Want.To.Die. NOW. But then, I can't just say goodbye to all the unread books I've collected so far! What if they start crying if they don't see my weird face peering at them, re-stocking them, dusting them, randomly opening them and breathing in their scent, kissing them! :P I can't really make them feel so unloved. I know no one else would care. So okay, I change my plan. I'll read all the books I want to before conking off. Which basically means I'll somehow figure out a way to stay alive on this planet in this janam for like, 500 years? Sounds good!



  1. That sounds like a cool idea. And since it also promises a lot of amazing lives you'll be living in every year of those 500 years, it's quite inviting too.
    The book was absolutely grand this time around, yes. Also, i think it becomes even more so when you're with awesome people who are so like minded that spending more than half an hour at a single stall is not even noticed. It makes the whole experience new. ;-)

    And lots of congratulations on getting featured in The Half Baked Beans' blog. That story and the writer truly deserve it. Thumbs up!! :D

    1. And specially when the stall was of children's book :P
      And congrats, Aashna, for tuesday tales :-)

    2. @Usama: Oh yes it was grand. And yep, being with awesome people who get engrossed and as enchanted by it as you get, it feels truly magical. And what? It was just half an hour? I thought it was an hour at least! :P

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. They always boost me up! :D

      @Priya: Haha! Yes! Children's books are amazing. ^_^
      Thankyou so very much. :*

  2. Congratulations! How cool is that! Bhayi, ab toh publish hone lag gayi, kya baat hai :D

  3. It really deserved to be there!! :)


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