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Monday, October 8, 2012

A random update on a funny life!

Hello awesome-people-who-I-hope-are-kind-enough-to-not-have-forgotten-me! Ugh, see? I don’t write for a while and there goes my ability to string a simple sentence. I swear, if my college or this ‘professional’ degree does anything to hamper my style or my ability, I’m going to sue them. After I get the degree, of course! ;)

This again is a random post, borne out of the desire to do something rebellious. Rebelling against the stupid and incredibly huge amount of boring stuff we get as ‘homework’. I know I’m going to be slogging hours after this, doing Google searching (because I learned in the first semester-about the only useful thing I learned- that Google stuff is better, because it gets you more marks than if you do the work on your own), but at least I would be satisfied, as I’d have done something I like doing, like complaining talking about college and stupid stuff. It’d basically be an update on life. I know, my life’s too boring, considering I remain at one place a.k.a. college practically the whole day, but still. I’m still the good, old, funny me.

1. Kindle!!! And book related stuff!
Notice how I've cleverly included The Casual
Vacancy in the pic? ;)
I FINALLY got around getting a Kindle for myself! *Dances* I wanted it for my birthday, but considering all the mental pressures I am subjected to on a daily basis (read college), I couldn’t wait. So it’s an advance birthday gift. Of course, the good thing is, I will be able to ask for a book series as a gift on the actual birthday (I think I’ll go for the Vampire Academy series), as I’m pretty sure my family would feel that thing, about how you should have at least something on your birthday. It’s totally an Indian thing, I guess. Anyway, I got my hands on the Kindle yesterday. It’s the basic model, which is about the only model introduced in this country and the experience wasn’t really good. I mean, the salesperson was so enthusiastic about suggesting I get a tab instead. Crazy people, I tell you. See it in the picture. As simple as it is, I so love it already! And this in no way suggests I prefer e-books over paperbacks. This is only for the free e-books or those I desperately want to read but they're not available in India, and for reading while travelling and while in class.

You know how it is. Bedtime reading is obviously still reserved for paperbacks. Which reminds me, I’m one book short of completing my reading challenge goal (Goodreads reading challenge of reading 50 books in 2012. I’ve read 49! :D). I think the last book for completing the challenge should be something really major. Like The Casual Vacancy by JKR! :D Also, my family people surprised me with a new, small-and-much-needed-bookshelf. Say yay! It still isn’t enough, though, to fit all those books. I’d be needing a new one next year.

2. Sports day!!!
Yeah, really. The college sports day, where we had different schools from the University participating and competing in various sports. We had a real fun of a time! Adorning our college t-shirts, our group really did stand out from other schools, not to forget we were so awesome in so many games! I just want to end this here, you know. I don’t want to talk about my role anywhere, but anyway, how does it matter? No one reads this crazy stuff anyway. I might be re-reading this when I’m some old granny living in Iceland to have a good laugh. With real teeth, I hope. I did have fun (cheering in every game), but if you know me, you know there must have been something weird. Let’s see.

I was officially participating in an event called ‘slow cycling’. You know, like you have to go real slow and the one who reaches last wins? A day before I thought it’d be helpful to at least practice it once and so I went out and borrowed a bicycle from a sixth grader (no kidding. Though, her bike was totally my size). I practiced well and then thought of riding the bike for some time to hopefully rekindle those memories of the awesome time when I was younger and not had to worry about things like college. I was actually thinking of all those wonderful things when I had a small ‘accident’. No, I didn’t fall, but had two crazy dogs run after me so that I was in another lane speeding on the bicycle, shouting ‘aaaaaaaa’ at the top of my lungs, with two dogs barking and running after the bicycle. Not getting into the details of what I did to stop those mad guys, I was safe. And the funny thing? As soon as I safely got into another lane, I couldn’t stop laughing with the absurdity of my life. Yes, I’m totally insane. Anyway, coming to the Sports day, the cycling event didn’t even happen. You can say it’s alright, I got something to laugh about, but what about when I was shouting, people would have definitely seen me? I mean sure, it was night and it was pretty much deserted, but still. Everyone isn’t deaf or blind. I mean, my brother heard me. And he was playing volleyball or something. On the totally opposite side of the park!   

Next, I decided to participate in ‘Carrom’ for fun. It’s not exactly a sport, I know, as much as it’s a game, but it’s India and anything can happen. ;) The initial round itself took two to three hours! My game lasted for about 20 minutes I guess. I won, of course. The second round was less fun. Yeah, I lost, but the bigger thing was, I had to leave watching the awesome game of kho-kho just to play this dumb game. After that, I didn’t even know if I had qualified for the next round, as I had left the place by then. Finally, tug-of-war! I had promised myself that I’d do my best and not give in to the physical strengths of the huge guys in the opposite team. So when sensible people saw we’re losing, they let go of their end of the rope so they wouldn’t fall. I? I was in full mood and enthusiasm, so much so that I didn’t give in, as a result of which I went travelled about 10 feet. With the rope. On my belly, sprawled on the ground. Okay, it sounds funny and maybe it was, but I’m so used to such stuff that I could only burst out laughing at the whole thing. I’m that weird.

3. Other stuff!!!
So we had the second picnic for fans of the awesome HT City editor, Ms. Sonal Kalra, at Lodi Garden on Saturday. It was absolutely wonderful, of course. Apart from meeting Ms. Sonal (who’s incredibly charming, by the way) and my other friends I actually made because of her, I really liked the place! I had never been there before and I so loved it. If I lived anywhere nearby, I would have spent all day there. And I’m not even remotely kidding. It’s peaceful, there are tombs and mausoleums with amazing history, there are a variety of birds to be found and I love the trees!

And these birds are cute too! ;)
These are about the only interesting things that have happened so far, which is a lot if you consider my life’s present status. It almost seems like I’ve had a nice holiday or something. And really, it feels so good to be rebellious. I mean, we actually have GDs tomorrow. On four topics. I haven’t even started preparing and honestly, I don’t want to. I hate speaking. It wears me out and not just mentally. Desperately waiting for 5 more semesters to end, so that I’d finally be living my dream of mountaineering and if it doesn’t work out, I’m turing into a sanyasi in the Himalayas (about the few things I like about India), at least for the time I get my real self and my senses back :| If college keeps it up this way, be assured I’ll be posting here a lot! ;) I’ve an award post pending (Privy at ‘Memoirs of Me’ gave me a Liebster award! :D) and of course I miss my Theandric Thurdays!

Have you been up to anything interesting lately? (Answer if you actually reached here, I’ve written one hell of a long post!)


  1. :)

    This was my expression all the while as I was reading your post till the end.

    Refreshing is the first word that comes to my mind. After a horrible day at office your post was like "Ah!!!"

    These small joys of life make it more beautiful and special. And you seemed to have the magical ability to grab such moments and capture them in your words beautifully <3

    1. Yes, I guess. Because these seem to be the only things that are interesting, the little ones. :)

      It feels good to know you like reading all these. Thanks so much :)

    2. Forgot to mention;

      Even I miss your theandric Thursdays!! They seemed to be a welcome break from the harsh realities of life :)

      And about that award- well it is all yours, claim it whenever you want to..

      P.S: I am also contemplating going to Himalayas and take up sanyasi...wanna join? I could surely do with some company!

    3. Sureee!!! I thought I'd have to go alone :P
      We can go together, I'd love that ;)

  2. You have been leading one eventful life my dear.

    Congrats for the Kindle and now go read during classes, it wud be fun ;)

    I also completed my Goodreads challenge!! yay!!!

    And lol @ ur antics on cycle and sports day :)

    1. Thank you!! :D I still have to figure out how to download books and all. I'm kind of technology-disabled :P
      Yes, it IS actually fun to read in class. Tried and tested! No one even gets to know! ;)

      Thank you for reading and the wonderful comment :)

  3. :D Totally choked on reading what the poor doggies did to the poor you :D!!
    I totally suck at sports. I hurt other people and myself :D And the tug of war was so funny :D
    I've totally been wanting a Kindle for long. I think maybe this birthday would be perfect :) Have fun reading on yours love!
    Mountaineering?! Sanyasi?! O-K-A-Y. Cool :D

    Stay the same person and really you (your posts) give out a lot of positive energy, despite the fact that college wears you out! :)

    P.S: Not forgotten me, I hope?


    1. Haha! No I haven't forgotten you, of course! I'd try getting back to your blog soon and read all that I've missed. I haven't been anywhere else much, either. Geez, just by writing this, I start getting that hateful feeling for the present status of my life. :|

      Mountaineering is COOL! I need that anyway. ;)

      I know, I feel so much better after writing here. :)
      Thank you so much!
      Hugs to you too! :)

    2. Take your time to catch up on whatever I've written! :)

      I'm sure it's just a couple more years of college. Then you'll miss these years! :D

    3. I highly doubt that. But still, thanks :P

  4. Congrats on your new Kindle Ashna....and OMG I cudnt stop laughing reading about the dogs chasing you :)

    1. Haha!! Funny and scary as it is, I'm glad you had a good laugh over it ;)
      Thank you so much! :)

  5. It makes me smile each time I read any of your posts(well, not 'any' maybe). They are real fun and full of positive energy -as Abinaya says.

    And oh, I totally forgot to ask you about your kindle, is it as you expected or is it more. Do tell. :)

    P.S: You went on your belly at the tug-of-war?? Aweesommee :D

  6. I am so jealous of your words and that good looking Kindle! Bahhh! :P

    1. @ Usama: When it comes to tech gadgets, I'm horrible at it. I just use the basic features, in this case, just for reading the books I have. It has a lot of things, kind of add-ons, which I'm not using right now. And I still have trouble downloading books. :| Anyway, like I said before, it's pretty much handy in class and reading on Kindle is much faster, so I can finish a lot of books easily! :D

      And yeah, I know you imagined me like that. Thank you very much.

      @ Leo: Thank you thank you :P

  7. I'm planning to lay my hands on THV too as SOON as I'm done with my bully exams!!!

    +Not Just My Allegories+

    1. Hi! Hope you enjoyed it! guess what, I haven't got around to reading it still. Oops!

  8. i don't know how many times i have said this before.. but i just loveee reading your blog! Its is so refreshing.. and light..
    now i know what was missing from my life.. reading these awesome blog posts by you and other bloggers! :/
    btw.. for my budday.. even im a getting a new book shelf :D its coming tomorrow!!!! m soo excited :D

    1. Hey! Just saw I hadn't replied :P
      Hope you've enjoyed your new bookshelf in these two years :P ;)
      Thanks for the comment :)


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