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Friday, September 7, 2012

Random thoughts: Silly mistakes!

I guess I don’t need to write it out. You know it’s a random post because I have too much of work to do. What, you didn’t? I guess you’re new here. Welcome! I’m a girl who has serious priority issues and who writes random stuff when she’s got too much to do. (Yes, I write first and then start with work, even if it misses the deadline. I just can’t stop myself from writing!) And just as an added thing, I think I have two or three (or, according to my wishful thinking, more than that) new people/bloggers who’ve dropped by this blog and read it too. I officially welcome you, unless of course you ran away after reading such stuff. *Sigh* It’s just your loss, you know. :P

Anyway, the case in point for this random post is ‘silly stuff’, which also happens to be my favourite topic right after clumsiness! For one, I’ve heard this word so much in my life I think I wouldn’t even have any vocabulary had I not been a reader too. According to, ‘silly’ is defined as 'weak-minded or lacking good sense; stupid or foolish, absurd; ridiculous; irrational'.

Ugh. I just prefer to call it the result of weird-things-you-do-or-say-which-makes-you-look-like-a-nutcase-in-front-of-rational-normal-people. This sounds better, right? I’m sure we’ve all been through things that are silly, or done silly stuff before. Or you might even be a borderline case like me, who can actually be defined by this word. (Not really, I just exaggerate a bit here. I’m actually quite awesome!) Whichever category you fall into, just think about things that you like to call silly. I’ll mention some stuff here too, but I’d like it if you stop reading, use your brains a bit (ahem) and think of some stuff and see if it relates to what all I’ve mentioned.

1. The stuff relating to exams
See, I’ve always been a bright kid in school (just because I didn’t have a life!), getting nice grades and all. It used to be a huge thing for me back then, good marks, that is. (Now? I just don’t care that much. We’d be a lot better if we stop judging ourselves based on stupid numbers) However, one tiny thing somehow always cropped up whenever I discussed the paper after the exam with anyone (read parents) and when we got the corrected answer sheets!

‘Silly mistakes’.
You didn’t put a negative sign, silly mistake.
You circled the wrong option in a hurry, silly mistake.
You did a simple calculation wrong, silly mistake.

I’m sure kids wouldn’t even know this word had it not been for teachers and parents complaining how their kid makes so many ‘silly’ mistakes. I even remember a teacher once saying, ‘there’s nothing like a silly mistake’. The rest of it would have been interesting had I remembered more. I just remember this much. Silly me.

Keep calm, y'know?

2. The stuff relating to clumsiness
Okay, I’m not obsessed with being tagged as a klutz, alright? I just believe that clumsiness goes hand in hand with being silly, maybe even as a best friend. Think, a clumsy person does anything funny, it’s almost always silly. When do clumsy people ever do anything that’s not silly? Dropping stuff is silly, landing on all fours randomly is silly, bumping into people is silly. What isn’t? It’s such a silly world, I tell you!

3. The stuff people do!
I find a lot of people silly. It’s a personal opinion and not really directed towards anyone in particular. Usually I just notice strangers properly, those people whom I know? I don’t even remember what they wore the day before! Anyway, about silly guys. They wear socks with floaters, too short tops with tights, they talk while they eat, they eat like gross while they eat, they overtake you while walking, hitting you in the process and look at you as if it’s your fault! Then, entering a Metro train talking on the phone and just standing so near the door that it might even hit them while shutting, that too when the rest of the coach is hardly full. Sometimes, people have headphones in their ears and they think they look cool while they don’t realize that their headphones haven’t been put in properly and we can also listen to that silly ‘uuunnnn....junuuoon’! Totally, ewww! Don’t freak out, but I even saw someone picking their nose in the Metro! (Gross, totally. *puke!*)

4. The stuff I do! :P
I don’t know what all can be categorized as ‘silly’, but I’ll post them anyway.

Getting so sleepy in class sometimes (just sometimes), that I have a hard time keeping everything in focus. Like, really. All I ever see are blurring visions and it takes so much of efforts to just keep from dropping off. The worse thing? I usually sit in the front. Hey, it even happened today! Though the teacher was very good and the class very interesting, it was too long and there were these 15 minutes in between when I felt this way. I’m even putting a picture of how I wrote what she was saying! I actually wrote in a state of stupor and just see! I can’t even recognize the word! :P (Also, my handwriting usually isn’t this pathetic. In the first line, I don’t know what I’ve written. In the second line, the crossed out word was supposed to be ‘rigidity’. Imagine!)

Unbelievable, right? :O

Again, get back to the classroom. Now, teachers should know that an average attention span is 30 minutes and humans need a tiny break, otherwise they lose concentration. But they don’t know this, I guess. As I happen to be a human too (don’t be surprised. I’ve had check-ups done and it’s for real), I tend to lose attention and weird things start forming in my brain. So while I’m constantly nodding or staring at the teacher, a scary scene forms in my head where the teacher stops speaking, looks at me, opens her mouth wide, wider and even more wider, the beginning of a huge outburst that happens a second later. She’s suddenly shouting, that too in a very weird way, not even in a voice like her own, yelling at me for not paying attention, while the class dissolves around us. And then I snap out of it and see the class going on as if nothing happened. Thank you fantasy books and over-active imagination. But hey, it works as a break and I concentrate better then. ;)

Smiling at a random memory, at any place, any time. Has happened in classrooms, in the Metro, while just walking, sometimes realizing I’ve been looking at someone while smiling at the memories and literally running in case they get any weird ideas.

- It’s not just smiling. Sometimes, making up situations in your head (as in, when you anticipate something happening when it hasn’t happened yet) and actually thinking what you’d be saying and later realize that you’ve been whispering it out loud and it gets really weird if you happen to be in the Metro that time. It happened today too (God, I do so many silly things in just one day!) while I was passing time in the computer lab and no one was around. When the door opened it made a sound and I looked up to see a random teacher enter and throw a glance at me. She obviously would’ve thought I’m some nutcase, talking to myself. And the weirder thing is, if it’s something funny, I’d even laugh. Oops!

- Then there’s the usual forgetting names, faces (really), the timetable, homework, leaving friends behind in college, forgetting they’re there. (Seriously! I can be such a lost case at times!) Then, entering a bookshop and looking at the prices of books I may have got for free, or checking discounts or looking up quotes for bookmarks I make. Another thing, giving the smallest and bottom-most shelf of your entire study table to your college books and filling the rest of it with novels and other books! Well, that’s not silly. That’s just awesome! :D

Okay, I don’t remember more. Even if I do, I’m not writing, I actually have ‘homework’ to do. This was one silly post with so many silly things. The world’s just silly. Heck, even the word ‘silly’ sounds so silly! :P

So, tell me, what do you think is ‘silly’? Are you? ;)


  1. Ha ha ha ha Ashna, your posts are always like a breathe of fresh air...refreshingly good!! That is if there is any word like that ;)

    You sound so much like Calvin in your classroom OMG... I was already imagining you when I saw tht pic of what you wrote... I had heard sleep walking/ talking... you have come up with something truly innovative sleep writing :D

    And ya..thanks for reminding me about those 'silly mistakes' but for which I would have been leading the country away from all its problems!!!

  2. Hey, Ashna.. I can totally relate to some things you just mentioned.. Speaking along the same lines, I am very bad at remembering routes- I have been going to the hospital (i mean,attending my classes in the hospital )for so long and yet I go astray very often-my friends sometimes have to guide me to the various departments !!Phew, I have this whole bunch of ideas and excerpts from novels lingering in my mind while I climb the staircase and sometimes even when I'm taking a history of a patient(relating the case to any remote fictional character)... oh, you aren't silly!! I myself put the exact question to myself very often- Am I silly ?? And to talk of silly mistakes in exam- I have gained a lot of experience in that ;) and God ! I spend a great deal of time thinking how could I make such horrible Silly mistakes :):)
    Liked the post a lot !!

  3. First of all I agree with you on the line where you say you wouldn't have a vocab if you weren't a reader. I think so too.
    So your post makes total sense in a light hearted way. I agree with you on a LOT of stuffs here like getting sleepy in class and trying hard to prevent oneself from dropping off..happens to me but unlike you I'm a back bencher so it's safe :p
    Then I can't read my own handwriting at times and it sucks during tests :p
    Then bad memory is my forte. I forget things in a span of seconds and my grandma used to be like if you are this forgetful at such a tender age imagine what will happen to you when you get old :P
    hahah.. This post is like a reflection to me as well.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it :)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  4. First paragraph : Groped me! Someone really has a bug to write! :P

    By the way, I HATE silly mistakes! Sometimes, they cost you your future! Had it not been the case of silly mistakes with me, I would have been in a better college right now! Just two wrong marked answers and whack! Here I fumble. :/

    You and your words are funny Ashna :P
    Average attention span is 30 minutes? I am more than below average here! :P

    You might call me silly because even today I spend my day watching Tom and Jerry and Popeye on YouTube. :P
    You made my day with the lightening post! Loved it! :)

  5. Oh Aashna, I love what you write. however "silly" it may be sometimes but it has a fact wrapped under it.
    Secondly what you write is totally original...i never get to read such stuff anywhere else. and ofcourse the dose of laughter it supplies. "Mast"! Keep writing :-D

    1. & ya.. A huge thanks for following my blog :-)

  6. I couldn't stop myself laughing. You know this is the second time I am reading your post, first time i couldn't write comment because power went off and then I made a note in mind I should definitely write a comment. Many things are common here- writing notes when damn sleepy in boring classes. whispering loud.

    Silly really sounds silly! and you are correct only 30 min you can pay attention but I manage for 15 min :D I have a habit, indulge in deep thoughts and I don't realize that my mouth is open and staring at someone. :p Many time I fell into trouble :p lol! loved your take on silly things :D

  7. Am sure we all have our list of these "Silly Mistakes".
    Awesome post! I related to each line here :P

    1. @ Me: Hhaha!! Sleep writing! Yes, I guess it happens. And we all make such weird mistakes, it's good to know. ;)

      @ Rinku: Oh My! You keep getting lost in the hospital? Must be huge! :P Loved knowing that, though. Thanks for your wonderful comment! :)

      @ Anisha: Thank you so much. I'm forgetful too! I try sometimes to be a back-bencher but then it's too distracting, though a lot of fun! :P

      @ Leo: Oh, c'mon! When will you get over this 'future' thing? :| 'It doesn't matter', this mantra is real, you know. Works for me. :) I guess watching Tom and Jerry isn't silly, it's actually awesome! :P Anyway, I'm glad to get a comment from you, like, finally. Thank you. *bows* :P

      @ Priyaa: You're welcome. :) And thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked it. And of course it's original! I write everything original :P

      @ Sridevi: Oh Yay!! I'm so glad to have come across someone who's similar! :D Whispering to yourself, yes! Thank you so much for commenting. I wouldn't have been so happy otherwise! :D

      @ Sukku: Thanks! :D Yes, we all do! And it's such fun noticing this stuff :P

  8. The stuff I do,

    - have virtual 'could-be' or 'could-have-been-this-way' conversations when alone, complete with dialogues and hand gestures and then realising what I have been doing, immediately become normal and look from the corner of the eyes if anyone noticed.

    - suddenly start smiling and laughing reading a book or listening to something so that people would think I've gone mad

    - say 'yaa ya, off course' after missing the whole story someone just told very seriously and wondering what was it all about.

    - sway like a drunk sitting in front of the class in the most important lecture by the most respected teacher then put my head down acting like it's headache. (used to do)

    and a lot of other things.

    How many lines did I just wrote. This is such a silly comment. :P

    1. Ooh.. your first point! Just like I do, so funny! :P

      It's such an awesome comment, silly :P Had a good laugh reading it :)


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