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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random thoughts: Clumsiness!

Those of you who know me well and those blessed souls who read this blog regularly (you'll do so great in life that even hundreds of years later, your name will be mentioned in history textbooks, mark my words ;)), would know how clumsiness is so ingrained in me that I wouldn't really be who I am, without it. Agreed? Alright, I got the point, no need to nod your head so vigorously, it might fall off! Sometimes I think if we had a really weird government (not that we don't have them already, but I mean like those funny people in fantasy novels) who would make it compulsory to change our names as soon as we turned 18, based on a characteristic that defines us, what would I call myself? Miss Klutz? No, that sounds too... well, weird. And inappropriate. Miss Clum? Too boring. Miss 'don't-hand-me-fragile-stuff-I-might-drop-it'? Too long!

Anyway, I wanted to bring forth two things. One, how clumsiness isn't really all that bad. And two, some recent instances that have highlighted this ability in me for all to see.

First, I don't think clumsiness is something that's 'bad'. Sure, clumsy people find it hard to walk straight, they trip over flat pieces of land, they break stuff, all the time, and however you find it irritating (or maybe you don't even notice), we're still humans, right? We may not be able to play polo without fear of hurting the poor horse's legs instead, but we're good people all the same. Okay, maybe not everyone is 'good', but let's just say they are. In fact, those who know they're clumsy take fewer risks when it comes to risky activities (the physical ones. Though people can be clumsy in the other sense too, but I'm not getting into it). Take the polo thing, for instance. Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the idea of horse riding and searched the net for places where I can learn (don't worry, I do random stuff like this all the time. No need to look up a funny-guys-get-treated facility) and then I thought how cool it would be to learn polo as well! That's when I somehow got into my 'what-ifs' mode and wondered if I would possibly be so clumsy that I'd somehow hit the horse? I guess yes, so I opted out of it. :P

But then, think back to all those times you'd had a good laugh? I bet most of them would be when a clumsy person did something funny like falling flat on their face (though if you've laughed at this, you deserve to fall flat like that a hundred times at least!), or squirted the tomato ketchup all over themselves, or said something stupid about a person, when the person is within hearing distance! I know all this because I've done it so many times and many more things too. You would be losing out on so many laughs had it not been for a clumsy person. ;)

Besides, clumsiness actually makes you free from a lot of responsibilities which you'd have had to undertake otherwise. Example, if someone knows what a klutz you are, they wouldn't really hand you important/fragile/serious stuff, so you're carefree most of the time! (And enjoy life a lot more than normal people). Also, we act as 'testers' for you. How would you know the vase you wanted to purchase isn't really strong had it not been for the clumsy guy who knocked it over and it broke? Tell you what, make a clumsy person your friend, you'd have a far more enjoyable life. ;) (Ask my friends, all right? They'd tell you how lucky they are!)

You'd think getting into an environment that focuses on making us 'leaders' and 'intellectuals', I'd have lost this trait. I mean, I guess if everyone sees how I cannot make it to my desk without bumping into another/making a pen fall, they wouldn't really see someone who's capable of handling too much pressure. Wrong. Well, I don't care about what 'people' think anyway, for one. Two, clumsiness doesn't really interfere. It rather makes us more careful, unless we make friends and become a little bit carefree. Which is what's just happening with me these days. Getting to know more people and some people better, it's a 'comfortable' environment, which means more clumsiness! Though, contradicting myself, not really. It's only in some cases where funny things happen because you're comfortable among others, while in other cases, it shows that you're a natural! ;)

For instance, bumping into people, desks, making stuff fall is now normal. It's just a part of who I am. You know how it happens, at first people look up from their work a lot when you make funny things happen and then they just get used to it. 

However sometimes it gets kind of scary, especially when you're trying to make new friends (in my case, I just want to talk to those I feel can become good friends, or are pleasant or something. Usually I just ignore/ don't think much about the rest). For instance, a couple of days ago while returning home from college, I was so engrossed in playing a two player game with a friend that I didn't realize the train had stopped at my station. Then, in my hurry to get out I didn't close my bag properly (no, I didn't spill the contents, you ill-wishers!) and had to juggle with the cell phone, the bag, the 'hanky', the metro card and my not-able-to-walk-straight legs too. In the process the metro card slipped and I didn't even notice. A classmate who gets down at the same station pointed it out and I picked it up (obviously) and scurried out towards the platform. No, it's not over yet. I had taken three steps when the card slipped and fell down among many forward going feet. Feeling silly I picked it up and it took just a few more steps to make the card fall again! And we were still on the platform! 

I wasn't concerned about how I would be looking like (read a total nutcase!), because I'm so used to such stuff, but about how a prospective friend would make a mental note never to trust me with important stuff, or worse, not even be friends. That's when it gets really scary and I wish I could be more careful. But then again, so what? It's just me. If you like it, good enough, if it bothers you, stay away! :P Besides, it gives us so much to laugh about later! ;)

And I guess I need a serious counselor to help me sort my priorities! I mean, I know what's more important, but I still do random stuff first! Like this post! I have so much to do, I'm supposed to do so many reviews and two very important articles veryyyy close to deadlines that I haven't even started! :O Some professional help please! :P

(There may be more instances I might remember later, so I'll just add to it!)

PS- Am I just being paranoid or do you notice how I've started writing stuff, well, 'methodically'? Like, too organized, with an opening, introducing the sections and all. Gosh, this MBA stuff is really getting into me. But then, it's not too bad. Just a little bit of change. ;)


  1. Hahaha... this was a great post. Totally loved it. I may be doing this for the umpteenth time, but I must say that I can relate to almost all of it, it's just so similar to my being.
    I have my both my pinky toes(weird name :P) always bruised up due all those freakish beds and desks. My dad is so used to it that he doesn't even say something like 'oh no, it's not your mistake you broke that glass, it was the glass' mistake, don't worry' now.

    Talk about priorities, I was supposed to be writing something right now. But I am glad I read this post, it cheered me up. :D

    About the P.S., I think it was there before the MBA too. Good luck with those very important articles. :D

    1. Hahaaaaaaa!! Yes! Just go and write that! It'll take time! :P
      (But secretly I'm glad you read this :P) Thanks! :D And I know you can relate to a lot of it. We're very similar ;)

      Yesss... those hits on the toes hurt real bad! I mean, just thinking about it made me feel, 'ouch'! :P

  2. ROFL!!!

    Superb post Ashna and biiiggg same pinch here!

    I am nicknamed accident prone for my ability to meet with accidents where there is almost nothing :)

    You are so so so so right. Its just not us at all. Its them. I only wish people would understand all this. My nani always tells me don't disclose the number of bones you have broken till now, warna koi shaadi nahi karega!!

    The MBA bug really seems to have bitten you now as I read your PS!!

    P.S: I loved that picture. I am making it my wall paper :D

    1. Hhaha!! Really? Good to know we have more in common than I thought! That's so funny.. about the number of bones! :P

      Yes, I guess it has. And yes again, you can have it! ;)

      Thank you! :)

  3. :D.. nice post Ashna.. clumsiness is not that bad, after all :).."It's just me. If you like it,good enough, if it bothers you, stay away!"- liked these lines the most...

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