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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The little childhood joy....

The air whipped my face, making the stubborn locks of hair fly away, towards the back. As I went soaring backwards and up again, exhilaration I hadn’t experienced since a long time came rushing back, filling me up with warmth and bringing that lost smile, along with the memories. I swung back and forth on one of the two still-in-place swings, watching the stars overhead and feeling that childhood gush of happiness. My slightly less adventurous and cautious brother tried to persuade me to swing low, saying, “Don’t swing so high! Slow down please! You remember how you flew- downwards, when you were swinging this high, at the age of ten?”

That made me smile. : ) Not only because I always love the concern in his voice, but because his comment made me revisit my life as it was many years ago. The time when I just loved going the highest, when on a swing, not giving a thought to minor possible hazards such as a fall straight on the gravel (which came true a couple of painful times! :P). Nevertheless it was one of the prominent joys I looked forward to, every evening. And now I was experiencing the same joy, after so many monotonous years.

The park’s a few metres away from my place and I mostly use it to get across to the lone daily supplies shop in the block. Or to photograph the plants, flowers and colourful birds on good days, but hardly ever to get on the swings and fly high, with my brother on the adjacent swing, swinging slowly and trying to keep me from falling off! This was the first time, when our parents suggested we go ‘get some fresh air’ and we ended up on the empty swings (since it was night time). That moment, when the air filled my lungs and I again felt that sense of delight I used to experience almost daily, I thought of what my life has come to be, hollow, looking for pleasure in temporary fixes, in Facebook and the stupid, virtual world. That’s when I finally realized that typing a silly ‘LOL’ doesn’t actually make me laugh, but just makes me consume harmful rays (or whatever it is that laptops and PCs emit) and waste a hell lot of energy. While a stroll in the park brings so much happiness that it cannot be even expressed in a whole paragraph!

My aunts (bhuas) on the swings in our park! :)

The World all over is observing ‘Earth Hour’ at 8.30pm IST, today. I urge you to follow it too. You just need to switch off the lights, fans and basically other appliances that can be switched off without causing any problems (like your beloved laptop) and try to save energy. Believe me, it’s the least we can do to contribute something worthwhile from our side to this planet we call our home. And while you’re at it, don’t get online through your phones, but get outside, meet neighbours, walk in the park, watch kids playing, enjoy the breeze and if possible, be the child you were many years ago and do what you loved. Play cricket, get on top of swings or any other physical activity you like. It may seem funny if I suggest you start swinging, even if you're officially an adult, but really, it isn’t funny at all. People would secretly admire your nerves and you might just convince them to do the same! Try it! (See the pictures for inspiration. These are my two wonderful aunts, who do what they enjoy. :))

After all, true joy lies in living life like a child. It’s up to you to believe it or not.

PS- I really didn't want to include spoilers, but I might get curses if I don’t warn you beforehand. Just make sure you haven’t had your dinner before you get on the swings! You might end up feeling nauseated for a full hour after the initial exhilaration! :P  


  1. Getting on swings late in the night has kinda adventurous fun packed inside, right? ;)

    Just 4 minutes before I switch off everything including my brain for mother Earth, a very warm thanks and a very inspired pat on your back for writing this Ashna. Candidly loved it! :D

    1. Yes! It sure feels adventurous. And peaceful :)
      Thank you for your kind comment!

  2. Remembered the gush of exhilaration while reading this post. I definitely want to try out the swing one of these days. Though I fear it breaking down by my weight rather me slipping of it. :P

    I feel bad not being able to observe the earth hour. I'll make up I'm sure. :)

    1. Oh yeah. You should be careful with the swing :P
      But not because of weight issues, but because these days either they install the cheap kind of swings or because kids are too good at vandalism. :P

      There's no need to feel bad, just because you didn't do what everyone did on a particular day at a particular time. You can make your contribution any day, any time :)

  3. true joy lies in living life like a child. - I completely agree. Nothing can match the joy of being a child!!

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for sharing the view :)

  4. Nostalgia!!
    I used to love swings as a kid and ya, used to fall a lot too :P
    You made me visit my childhood days :)

  5. Oh how I miss those days of carefree childhood....nice post...made me travel back to those days where simple things were so much fun :)

    1. Yes.. compared with what kids these days have to make do with, I feel our childhood was far better. Even the swings were completely vandalized! :/

      Thank you for your comment. :)

  6. True joy definitely lies in knowing when to be a mature adult and an immature child. :)
    Such a beautiful post!
    I missed reading it long back somehow!

    1. Missed this comment till now, somehow! :O Thanks so much for your comment! :)

  7. 'Live life like a Child'
    Thats what i try to do evreyday and try to learn a new lesson from kids.
    And sometimes i notice these kids teach us how to enjoy.
    You ask them something and they will just say what they feel,whether you like it or not,and not lie just to impress someone or do buttering.
    They sometimes say things in front of everyone that you may feel embarassing to even think,but will laugh on same when you are alone.
    And kids just understand one language, Language of Love.
    They play,they dance,do their homework,enjoy to fullest and again come Strong the next day
    There is a word in Hindi "KHOTAPAN"(dont know the right english word for it, may be 'Falsehood' if m correct).
    I have observed,this comes in us as we grow up,it was never there as a kid.
    Thats why i always take inspiration from them and try to live life in their way.
    (I know its a bit different perception i showed,sorry for being so lenghty)

    1. All of what you said Vivek, I absolutely agree with you. Kids are so open and free and they enjoy everything every bit. :) That's right what you said about 'khotapan', sad fact. :|

      I enjoyed reading your comment, thank you :)

  8. Nice memories. Would you like to share it on
    We believe Childhood Matters!, and we honor your participation.


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