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Friday, October 21, 2011

Love- it’s always worth it...

Digging into ancient folders that flooded my PC, I found this note I don't remember when I had written. I haven't edited it a single bit. Sometimes it gives an unmatched pleasure to read your own stuff, that was written a long time back. (I must have been in a really serious mood at that time. You'll know what I mean when you read it :) )

It seemed as if a cold trickle of water was sliding up my heart, boosting the energy. I couldn't help smiling. It felt so peaceful, serene and an exquisite unbounded joy without any material reason. That was one of the moments I had been pondering about. A feeling of pure happiness simply because of a person you like and admire for who they are.

Wherever we see, whatever we hear, we notice that people always seem to have a name for their relationship with someone. Someone is always somebody's friend, kid, husband/wife, boss, lover, a distant relation, senior, junior, etc. If ever we tried to take a while out of our lives, find out a secluded spot, sat in a cool breeze under the twinkling stars and thought about the relations we have, we would know that all feelings, emotions cannot be tagged under a name. There must be at least five hundred faces we can recognize- from our neighborhood, school, college, relations, while on the road, during trips, and such. Do we have a name for each of them? Certainly not. 

While these are people you have just been in contact for a short while, in some cases not even so, there are some who will leave a lasting impression on you, whether you know them personally or not. You will like them no matter what. It hardly makes any difference to you if people around you tell a different story about them or their character. You just know they are nice and you like them.

You have found a special person. That special person may be your best friend or even a distinct somebody you hardly ever talk to. In the latter case, there is no name for your relation. You are simply connected by a bond, a thread of emotions that bind you together. You have no particular reason to like them. You like them for who they are, for what they do, for how they behave. 
I would say, all feelings such as these can be summed up under the powerful force - LOVE. You love these people, your best friends, your family and those special people with whom you share an unbreakable bond, a bond strongly woven without any reason. For every thing in this world is NOT for a reason. Materialism exists just as far. 

The bottom line is - love people. There is no need to look for a reason to love. Let the inner force of feelings, love, happiness, emotions overpower you once in a while. It will leave you with nothing but happiness. 

Think about it. What is the reason that you love your sibling? Can’t answer? Then why look for reasons to love unknown people? If you do, you are limiting the amount of love you carry. An act of love for another can make someone’s day and may connect you for a lifetime.
Don’t we all know a person we hardly ever talk to, but like every thing about them? We simply love them- without a name, without a cause. Just straight from the heart.

PS- Take inspiration from the lyrics of the song - Need a Little Love by Miley Cyrus (yeah, I still remain a devoted Miley Cyrus fan).

Love- It's always worth it
Love- everyone deserves it
It's the friend that holds your hand
When nobody understands.

Love- it wants to heal you
Love- and see the real you
But you have to open up
When you need a little love....

PPS- The picture is one of my own clicks. :)


  1. Ashna you wrote really well then and you write even better now! Just keep writing. This post made me smile and taught me how important Love is in today's fast-moving Life. :)

  2. Thanks! Love is important to LIVE. You can't do without it :)

  3. First of all, the photo you clicked is really great.
    There is a person i know who doesn't believe in love at all. There are just two words in her dictionary about this kind of feeling, either its just infatuation kind of likeness or plain and simple habit of being with somebody.

    Acc to her, all the good things we feel about somebody is a result of habit that we have of him or her. Once we get away, that habit will die slowly and we won't feel anything for the person eventually.
    It's sad when people loose their belief in the power of LOVE.

    Just want to ask you something, by the way..
    Did you wrote this while you were reading HP. The resemblance is 'what's the word for couldn't-be-ignored...'

  4. Hey Usama
    Thanks, even I like the picture very much :)

    What your friend says may be true to some extent, but I would say only in some cases. When you live away from your parents, does your love for them diminish? No.

    I believe in the strong power of LOVE for everyone. It has the power to make even your enemies bow before you. Leaving the big stuff, if you show love to even a stranger, an act of kindness, a simple smile, it can really make others happy, and yourself too. :)

    I didn't write it while reading HP, but I can't deny that the message about love that it gives, isn't truly inspiring. :)

  5. Ashna your post made me ponder over a lot of 'nameless' relations that I share with so many people. Its amazing how these untagged relations give you reasons to smile..and to love :)

  6. Saloni- yes they do :)
    Everyone has these 'nameless' relations. Why tag everyone as your someone? We can simply love someone without any reason, without nay name at all!

  7. Ashna, I'm reading this ages after you posted this. I've been reading your old posts and I couldn't resist commenting on this one. Such a beautiful post! And how true is it. So many nameless relations, who we might love more than those with names. It all narrows down to the person and the emotions associated with them. BRILLIANT ASHNA! Loved every word of it and the picture is fabulous! :)

    1. Thanks Abhinaya... it's just that I was thinking about random people whom I respect a lot and with whom I don't have any specific 'name' or a relation. I'm glad you liked it :)


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