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Read THIS First..
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

When were you last... ?

When were you last so blissful that no woe could fade away your smile?
When were you last so hardy that no defect could stop that walk of an extra mile?
When were you last so tranquil that no devil could take away your serenity?
When were you last so verbose that no duster could take you to brevity?

You don’t remember, do you?
I’ll tell you.
You were last all those things when you were a child.

But you would remember:
When you were so furious you wanted to make them vanish into nothingness.
When you were so afraid you believed you were really defenseless.
When you were so envious you made your own and others’ lives hell.
When you were so heartbroken you lost awareness of when the tears fell.

You remembered, didn’t you?
Because now you’re an adult.

Now don't feel hopeless. You will remember some day, maybe even be.
Till then, like this stick in the dark, smile and try to be happy.

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