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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hi 2020!

It was with the utmost trepidation that I saw the date on my last post - almost 2.5 years! I don't even know what to write right now. There's so much, yet it can all be summed up in two sentences. Life has changed. I have been through total life events in these past 2 years, that I didn't even get much time to introspect, let alone having time to gather my thoughts and write them down. But as they say, once your descent into madness begins, that is when the writer in you flows out. I'm not "mad" mad or any kind of mad much, really. It is to do with not having written anything peacefully in such a long time that I feel I have an overflow of thoughts and feelings that need to be here, to be looked at in a structured manner that makes sense. 

Because when life takes you to one new phase, you enjoy it. But then when it keeps taking you from one to the next without pause, constantly, quickly, even though it is great, it is still exhausting! I mean, I miss having this time and this mindset and this willingness to sit down and write here. While changes allow one to experience themselves in a new light, nothing beats the comfort of familiarity. Anyway, if you still haven't guessed, I got married! To a charming young man who has patiently accepted all my whims and fancies. If that wasn't crazy enough, over the past two years I have moved two countries, worked several jobs, learned cooking, managing a household, makeup (!!!) and a ton of things I was oblivious to in my past life. It is really a lot to absorb - give me a break.

One side effect of all this is the busyness keeps you from feeling that willingness and energy to write, read, spend time on personal leisure activities. On the up side, I have explored a whole new version of me, parts of which I wish I had before. For instance, I can do a whole face of flawless makeup, I can cook without looking at recipes (!!!), I have watched so many movies and TV series it makes me melt in guilt, and I've spoken to numerous people from all walks of life that it opened me up to accepting new perspectives. That's just a few of the things - I am sure there's a lot more that's evading my thoughts right now, probably because it's almost 1AM. I will stop now and leave the main bits for later, but I need to post this because I am looking forward to starting this beloved and comforting blog again. :)

PS- Man, did I really start this blog almost TEN YEARS back? Is that even real? Possible? THIS is how life happens, people.



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  2. I feel so good to read this blog. I can completely relate to whatever you have written... thanks for sharing this post.. please keep writing.. and btw I tried my hands on writing too, will share them with you, ping me weneva you have time. 😊

    1. Thanks Richa! Will look forward to reading what you're writing.


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